Friday, February 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes or Birthday & Valentine's Recap Volume 3

We made it to Friday and the ides of February! This week has seen quite a lot of hustle and bustle. I’ll try to summarize in 7 quick takes with Jen over at Conversion Diary.

1.  Monday started with an early morning call from a good friend.

“I’m heart broken.”
Oh no! Something happened with her fiancé.
“Did you hear the news about the Pope?”
Oh no! He’s dead. Really Lord? Two great men in less than a week?
“He’s resigning!”
Oh. Is that all? Wait, what?!? Why?

“What’s with the whole Pope thing?”  Has been a popular question this week.  Yes dear friends, the Pope can resign. Church law allows him to step down if he, in good conscience, does not feel capable of performing his ministry. Although this is something in following with Church teaching the shock of this announcement is due to the fact that it has not occurred in over 600 years. I am sad to see Benedict XVI retire from his office, but I know that everything will be ok.  I do hope that he will be able to continue writing. His theological works are amazing. His encyclical on hope, Spes Salvi, is one of my favorites.

2.   Due to the fact my father was working on my birthday, my family celebrated on Sunday. My mother and sisters made a yummy pasta dinner and my favorite lime bundt cake. When it came time to sing and make a wish the candles were nowhere to be found. In their place my brother held two LED pillar candles turning one off as I dramatically inhaled. Fortunately, a simple flip of the switch and I could blow them out again, saving my wish.  It was very humorous.  I can't wait to wear my new sweater and belt!

I love the colorful pattern!
3.  B called me from the grocery store inquiring about the location of the oats. Come to find out he didn’t know that oats and oatmeal were the same thing.  What recipe needed oats?  My favorite oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!

4.  I have the best co-workers.  I was greeted at my desk by a cupcake in a jar from lovely Emily at Raising Barnes (the local cupcake store needs to patent this idea).  Later I received some dainty teacup orchids from two of my oldest friends.  Megan just started writing for Catholic Mom as a newlywed contributor.  Check out her first post!

5.  B surprised me on my birthday by taking me out to our favorite Hibachi restaurant in town.  He was especially happy that the entire room sang to me while I was served birthday sherbet complete with sparklers.  Later, I was thrilled to receive the salt and pepper shakers I fell in love with and gave to a friend for their wedding.

They just make me smile :)

6.  I felt a little unprepared on Ash Wednesday.  I wasn't fully sure what all I would be giving up/doing more for Lent.  I have been trying to drink less coffee, so I decided to take the plunge and give up all caffeinated beverages.  I'm also focusing on practicing some virtues that have been long overlooked.

7.  Valentine's Day was nice and simple.  We made "brinner" (breakfast for dinner), exchanged gifts and channel surfed.  I was so excited to give him his present.  He's been looking for Drop Dead Healthy by A.J. Jacobs in paperback for months.  I'm glad I followed my mother's advice to check Barnes & Noble one more time.  He was extra sweet to me and actually got me a card (my computer scientist is much more at home with binary than written words)B didn't want to present me with flowers that had not bloomed, so he brought me roses with my favorite orange lilies.  

Sleeping lilies and perfect red roses.

Enjoy your February weekend!


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