Thursday, February 28, 2013

#Encourage Beauty from IHOD and Dean Street Society

Do you follow Anna at In Honor of Design or Hilary at Dean Street Society?  If not, you must go check out their blogs!  They posted a huge teaser yesterday for a new campaign they are promoting for March called  #Encourage Beauty.  Although I do not know all the details of their campaign (scheduled to come out later today and tomorrow), I am already on board.

The two part manifesto they have posted on their blogs is beautiful and inspiring.  The foundational ideas behind the campaign are that the word encourage literally means to "put courage into" and as women we have a lot of power to put courage into other women, simply by reminding them that they are beautiful.

Think of your favorite article of clothing.  I bet at some point in time someone told you that you looked amazing in it.  Although this compliment was geared towards your outward appearance, I think we can all relate to the glowing feeling of validation that comes from it.  Even though we all appreciate and long for these little moments, how often do we think complimentary things and stay silent?

Are you intrigued by what Anna and Hilary will be proposing?  Are you feeling like a little bit of courage has been put into you that you want to share with others?  Are you excited to be involved in such a beautiful idea and a little bit nervous how it may challenge you?  So am I!

But enjoying the beauty in life and helping others know their own beauty is what we're all about at Waltzing in Beauty.  Anna and Hilary have confidence in us and I have confidence in you, so let's take their hands and #Encourage Beauty.

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