Monday, August 4, 2014

Choose Joy

Happy Monday and day four of Joy-gust!
The start of a new week usually manifests itself with two polar and yet simultaneous reactions:
 a hint of regret for all the weekend did not accomplish
and excitement for a fresh beginning and all that the new week will hold.
Unfortunately, the negative feelings often overcome the positive ones,
mostly because those first moments of getting out of my warm bed are so hard,
and the temptation to be defeated by the what-ifs and maybes is strong.
Getting through the Mondays is the goal for today's inspiration for Joy-gust.
Take this to Heart:
Spread Joy:
Do you find comfort in a warm cup between your hands?
Do you get the same warm feeling in your heart when someone thinks about you for no reason except that they care?
Let's put the two together and share our afternoon pick me up.
Fill up with Joy:
Relax and celebrate getting through Monday with your favorite lotion tonight.
Try remembering all the good things about today and your hopes for tomorrow.
With Joy,

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