Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Nothing to Nowhere

A few weeks ago I found myself in my childhood neighborhood for a meeting.
Not only was my meeting in the neighborhood I came home from the hospital to,
but just down the street from my parents' first house.
I was early and the idea of killing time on my phone while baking in my car was not appealing
so I decided to roam and visit some memories.
It had been nineteen years since I had lived there,
boy does that number make me feel twice as old
and yet I navigated myself through the neighborhood with ease.
It is amazing how much we can remember when we are in the right environment.
I felt like I was back on my little bike on a summer day trailing behind my sister.
This way to the house of our babysitter.
That way to the pool.
Around the curve to our friend's home.
Straight at the stop sign for the modern stucco house that still does not quite fit in.
Then I got to a stop sign.
This was the edge of where I was allowed to ride my bike.
Turning left would take me back around to home.
Turning right would take me into a place never ventured.
The little girl in me,
I know her so very well,
hesitated at the choice to make as if choosing between right or wrong.
The turn signal clicked
and I felt that horrible blend of excitement and fear at the start of a new adventure.
I charged onward enjoying the scenery of this new and familiar place.
And as often happens when caution is thrown to the wind,
I found myself completely and utterly lost.
No longer am I the little girl on a bike crossing her boundaries,
but the feeling of relief when finding your way home is still the same.
Joy-gust inspiration:

Be Joy Filled:
Do you have a favorite childhood item stored away in a closet?
Pull it out and incorporate it into your home d├ęcor.
Spread Joy:
Make a favorite recipe and share it with a friend.


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