Friday, August 8, 2014

Seven Quick Takes or Control, China, Colors, and Cardio

Some days it is hard to feel in control of, well, you.
It seems like everyone and everything needs something from you
and you do not have time to get your checklist done
and then you look in the mirror and you see
a very frazzled, sour puss with dark circles and caffeine induced jitters.
Sometimes we get lucky, because no one else sees her.
One time to be thankful for hallucinations, right?
Sometimes we get lucky, because people love her anyway.
One thing that I started implementing remind myself that I am in control of myself
and to help me get through my own checklist while assisting those I serve,
is not checking my email first thing in the morning.
Checking emails before checking my to do list makes me feel very overwhelmed
and my list gets lost in the urgency of answering everyone right away.
It is hard.
I am not so good at it, but now I have a voice in my head saying,
"Stop it!"
But I have noticed a difference
between the days I am successful at waiting until a specified time and those that I do not.
The next step is not checking email constantly.
Did you pick your china pattern?
Has replaced, "Do you know your colors?"
as most popular question of the week.
Thanks to B and the posting of this picture under the heading:
"It begins..."
I should have believed him when he said he was taking a FB picture.
So to answer both questions:
(1) No, we were at the mall for something else and looked for less than a minute,
but I am super excited to pick out china.
(2) Wedding planning is a bit overwhelming because of all the options and directions you can go and then there is actually being able to find what you have in your head in real life part.
All this being said, I am one hundred percent certain that my colors will be red or not red.
P.S. I am not complaining. I love every single bit about being engaged.
I think I was born for this. *wink*
Need a new workout for your routine?
Try learning a dance routine in a favorite music video.
I am taking a Michael Jackson dance class this month and I love it.
It is a lot of fun learning the moves and trying to keep up with the music.
Forty-five minutes of Thriller had me sweating.
Speaking of working out...
All you avid runners out there, I need your help.
Oh and all you asthma sufferers, too!
I am a baby runner,
as in, I struggle through running a mile at jog-like speeds.
My goal is not to run a marathon or anything,
I just would like to go for a run around the neighborhood a couple times a week
and not feel like I am going to cough up a lung.
My problem is, I have exercised induced asthma.
I know how to pace myself and get through it in other physical activities,
but I struggle with breathing while I run.
Any tips or things that helped you when you started?
--5, 6, 7--
And some inspiration for your Joy-gust:
Spread Joy:
Compliment a stranger every day.
Fill up with Joy:
Is there a color that makes you smile?
Add a splash of it to your outfit or wardrobe.
Have a wonderful weekend!
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  1. I just found out you are engaged!! Many congratulations!!!!

  2. I am nowhere near marriage, but I'm on the fence about wedding china. I know family members often want to give china because it's such a long-running custom, but I also know couples getting married now who intentionally don't register for it because they don't intend to use it. My grandmother almost never uses hers, and I don't think my mother ever had any. (We do still have and use some Corelle dishes she got 30 years ago for their wedding! That stuff is awesome!)

    What happens if you receive only a few sets? Do you save up to buy the others yourselves later? I'm sorry if I sound critical of your choices; do what you and B want! I'm just curious about an actual engaged woman's/couple's perspective on whether wedding china is still worthwhile. Consider it a post idea!

    1. No worries, Lindsay! I think out loud/on paper often. Thanks for the blog post idea!

      I do know a lot of married couples that did not register for china or do not have any, their reason being they would not use it, they did a cost/benefit analysis and opted to splurge somewhere else, and a few that found it silly and old fashioned. These thoughts were ones I had to go through as well. In the end, I came to the conclusion that I needed to be true to myself; I have dreamt about picking out china (or dishes in general) for as long as I can remember. I get a lot of joy out of creating a pretty environment/home and doing things to make people feel special and loved. Setting the mood with the table is part of this for me. Because of this I know I will use it and display it when it is not in use.

      I know china is an expense. I will be very thankful to receive it as a gift. If we do not receive any or receive uneven sets, it may not be the first thing we save for, but it will be something on my wish list!

      As for B, his enjoyment from it is more because of how giddy I get every time I talk about it. :)

    2. Even though we didn't get to spend much time together in person, I can absolutely vouch for your love of beautiful things. A particular married friend of mine makes heavy use of all the entertaining tools she received (or DIY'ed) for her wedding. Her parties are always well decorated and beautiful. Now that she's having a baby, I'm looking forward to the baby birthday parties!

      That sounds like absolutely the best choice for you. Bravo!


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