Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dividing Joy

Two months ago,
I could not sleep from excitement.
I had dreamt of this day for most of my life.
It had finally come
and it was perfect.
Moments after becoming engaged,
I stood up abruptly and proclaimed that I needed to call my mom.
Even though it was late,
I had to wake up my sleeping family to tell them news.
Sleep was not happening,
I called a friend on the West coast (the time difference worked in my favor this time).
I woke up early to tell the story again,
and within the next few days I told it what seemed hundreds of times.
I did not mind.
I wanted to tell the world.
I wanted everyone to share in my happiness.
Throughout it all, these words kept coming to my mind and
I understood them with what felt like every fiber of my being.
My cup had overflowed,
and I did not want this outpouring to go to waste,
but to be sopped up by everyone around me.
Still do.
Inspiration for your Joy-gust:
Spread Joy:
Walk down memory lane with someone dear to your heart.
Be it through a text, phone call, or an actual walk.
Let them know how that moment in time impacted your life and you cherish it.
Be Joy-filled:
Find an old favorite book and re-read a chapter.

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