Friday, January 23, 2015

7 Quick Takes or Things for which I am Grateful

Oh Friday!
I am so so so so glad you are here,
but let's focus on the good,
shall we?
This Week I am grateful for:
1. The beauty of winter and safety during the bitter cold.
Just getting to the end of the driveway was a feat at times.
I slid off the driveway,
two days in a row,
in the same exact place.
There are only one pair or tire tracks to prove it.
Of course I did not feel the need document such a non-brag-worthy moment.
2. The support of a good friend in my health goals.
It is nice to have a personal cheerleader.
It is even nicer when it is someone that has known you for over a decade.
3. Late night talks around the kitchen table with my mom, sisters, and aunts.
4. Our amazing wedding vendors.
They have been so attentive, helpful, and generous to us.
5. Finding a stunning dress for my mom.
It is so hard to find something that is modest and not a chiffon or satin blob.
6. A patient fiancé...
that allows me to exercise every woman's right to change her mind
half a dozen times...
in the same hour.
7. The anticipation of a relaxing weekend.
Meeting a friend's baby for the first time,
visiting with a dear friend over fancy coffee,
going to Church with the family,
and nothing, nothing, nothing else planned
equals gloriousness.
Have a wonderful weekend friends!
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