Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Minute of Purpose

One thing I value about my half hour commute is the time it gives me to just be,
 contemplate the world, prepare myself for the day or decompress after work,
and enjoy the often pointless conversations on the radio.
The other day, the morning show host asked his cohorts to share
what they wanted to be remembered for in thirty seconds.
The time limit made many feel rushed,
but the hardest part was making themselves vulnerable to share something so personal.
Naturally, I began thinking about what I would say if given the same question.
After much pondering and rewording to find the most eloquent words
I realized the time constraint was key to the authenticity of the answers.
So I decided I needed to sit myself down, set a timer, and record my thoughts.
I'm a paper and pen kind of girl and since it takes a bit longer to write
(and my cell phone timer doesn't time seconds, who knew?)
I adjusted the time to a minute.
Despite the practicing in the car, my mind imitated the blank piece of paper before me
as I struggled to articulate something that has no words.
After jotting a few things down before the dreaded timer's chirp,
I realized that I, just like the gang on the radio,
felt vulnerable, like I was revealing a part of me that was meant to be unseen.
The interesting thing
is even though I did not know any of them in person,
I could accurately guess their answers.
Through their work on the radio they had authentically portrayed themselves
and lived out their values- their purpose.
Their actions had already revealed this part of them to the world,
but the act of doing so intentionally made the most outgoing person shy.
At the beginning of this new year and as I continue to live out my resolutions,
I found this little exercise very helpful.
I want my resolutions to help me move towards my ultimate purpose. 
I want to live my life in such a way my values are known
 without me having to articulate a thing.
The clock is ticking,
what do you want to be remembered for?


  1. Ultimate Purpose. I think that phrase/thought! You always give me something to think about. Love you!

    1. Ugh. Not "I think". I LIKE that phrase. Geez #mombrain

  2. Yes. I just started doing some life goal-setting lately, and it's making me think critically about the way I spend my time. Considering the roles I play and what I ultimately want out of my life, what should I be working toward over the next 10 years, 5 years, 2 years, this year, and this month? The broad goal-setting was much easier than being time-specific!


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