Monday, March 2, 2015

Marching On

One of my favorite things about February is that the days noticeably feel and look longer.
The sun makes an appearance to and from home
and despite the cold it keeps on shinning on most days
producing cats' (and kitty-like humans) favorite napping spot.
February sped by for me.
It was so full that I had barely any time to stay on top of my Bloglovin',
not to mention my to do list.
Was your February the same?
Well, here's a recap of the month on my end.
Don't forget to join Jenna's tl;dr link up and fill me in on your month too!
Or if you'd rather:
Chai soy love you a latte. ;)
Lindsay Loves and I started off February with a 7 posts in 7 days challenge. We did it!
I had a milestone birthday and wrote a "semi-depressing" post (as I was informed by a dear, sarcastic friend) about it. I won't lie, I did have a mini-crisis about the number for a few days leading up to it, but it hasn't bothered me since.
My birthday week turned out to be one big celebration. Such fun!
I was the perfect example of piety and scheduled our food tasting for Ash Wednesday (unknowingly) because it was the only day open for months.
The caterer accidentally double booked us and then moved around the rest of their schedule to accommodate rescheduling us.
Fail for them. Win for us!
Lent came and caffeine left and then returned for a day and left again
and yesterday was Sunday so that doesn't count...
After starting February off strong in the blog area, I fizzled and didn't post once the final week. Some of it was computer problems and working long days, but some of it was from not taking my own advice and letting perfection go.
And so we march on!
Yes, I get a kick out of silly plays on words.
I am a nerd. Love me anyway.


  1. How you feel about Feb. is how I feel about March! Also, fellow 85er here, and 30 is a little scary for me too!

  2. That caterer-rescheduling story is a gem. Stories about the Holy Spirit working in big ways are cool and all, but I love the little ones best. It's like flipping straight to the correct song in your hymnal.

    Don't let one week of non-posting get you down. In twelve(!) years of blogging, I have been on-again and off-again so many times I can barely count them. I'm like Ross and Rachel, but they worked out in the end, didn't they? ;)


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