Friday, February 13, 2015

Full of Surprises, Flowers, Babies, and Brides

This week has been full leaving my heart humbled and with so much to be grateful.
B joined me this weekend for a short work trip and attending the Edith Stein Project conference at Notre Dame. It was so nice to have him with me to show him first hand a part of my job, as well as the conference which took up a good deal of my time in undergrad.
On Sunday, the girls and I attended a postponed Super Bridal Sunday event thrown by a family friend at her shop. We sampled some cake flavors, booked a block of hotel rooms, and purchased the flower girls' baskets and ring bearer's pillow, and finalized the invitation. Things are coming together!
I love my cousin.

My amazing co-workers threw me a surprise early bridal shower complete with shower games, presents, and lots of ribbons for the rehearsal bouquet (none of which I broke).
Yesterday morning, I was greeted by a picture of the adorable face of a friend's newborn daughter. Ever since she announced her due date was in February I had teased her about the baby sharing my birthday thinking the odds a little slim.
Well my new birthday twin is beautiful and I cannot wait to meet her!
I love musicals.
B has barely seen any and would rather watch a comedy or action flick.
A birthday viewing of The Music Man was a sweet birthday gift.
Musical lovers out there, do you have a hard time staying seated? I wanted to jump in to the song and dance, but I didn't want to ruin the experience for B's first viewing, so I was left joining Professor Harold Hill in conducting the music from my seat.
Surprise flowers made their way to my office this afternoon.
They're still waiting to bloom, but I think I'll keep them and the delivery boy too.
Linking up for Seven Quick Takes again.
Happy Friday the Thirteenth!

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  1. That sounds like a delightful week! And "Super Bridal Sunday" is a great name for an expo (although perhaps not a great time for female football fans).


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