Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Not too Sweet Valentine Sweets

The Wizard of Oz was a favorite movie of mine as a young girl.
As Dorothy entered the wonderful world of color film,
my heart was stolen by her wonderful, glittering ruby slippers.
I have held a healthy love of red, sparkles, whimsy (and shoes) ever since.
Pretty much everything in relationship with Valentine's Day is on my list of favorite things
and one reason why I adore February so much.
Now I know some of us do not enjoy the mushiness and pomp of it all
or are bogged down in winter blues,
so here are some ideas of material signs of affection that do not glitter xoxo,
but rather hint at the upcoming Spring.

A light scarf is a great transition piece from Winter to Spring.
I love the airy feel to this scarf.
Blush Velvet Applique Flowers Pillow
A bouquet of flowers that will not wilt!
Can you imagine a couch full of blush and neutral pillows?
Harper Clutch in White | Vera Bradley
This clutch in white is a dream!
And we're allowed to dream, right?
Something about it makes me think of Easter dresses.
To Have and To Hold: A Daily Marriage Devotional
Speaking of Easter,
something that will help you grow in your relationship during Lent makes a thoughtful gift.
I received this book at a bridal shower
and I am so excited to begin praying through it with B.
Sometimes you just have to embrace the corniness.
If you must, it might as well be in cookie form.
Happy Wednesday!
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  1. I got that book for Alex and we've been going through it since the New Year.

  2. I got that book for Alex and we've been going through it since the New Year.

  3. I love that scarf, and the Wizard of Oz too. ;) We just watched it with the kids tonight! (It's their fave :) I keep hearing about this book...I think Jim and I may have to read it next. Happy early Valentine's Day! -Jess

  4. I love that pillow. Ellen once asked me what my fave color is, and I said white. Whites, creams, all of that. So calming.


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