Saturday, February 7, 2015

Wedding Chat

I do not want to be one of those brides that all she talks about is
 me, myself, and my wedding.
For all former brides, you understand how hard that is;
and for my dear ones still waiting, I underestimated how hard it really would be.
It is just sitting there, front in center, right in the front of your brain, between your eyes, 
on the tip of your tongue, and touching every nerve. 
All your senses are consumed in it and they can't seem to think, see, hear, taste or feel, without first going through some sort of wedding filter.
It is kind of like when you fall in love for the first time, 
or when you are waiting to fall in love, or waiting to be engaged, 
or waiting to find out you're pregnant, or waiting for the baby to arrive 
(the final two I have merely observed, obviously).

At first I was shy about talking too much about weddings here,
I did not want to be wedding consumed and turn away anyone.
I still do not want that, but this is the stage of life I am in and I desire to share openly with you about finding the beauty in all things and relishing it.
So I will be sharing some more wedding focused posts in the future.
I want the specific details of our wedding to remain private
 and special for our guests and us.
So I will be speaking in general terms and ideas to a certain extent, some of which we may not be using at all; so final decisions and actual progress are going to be under wraps to a certain extent.
I will be leaving out vendors names, especially ones we do not contract.
If you are in the area, however, and want a review, 
I am happy to share this with you personally. 
This way we can all wait in anticipation together for the final result but you can join in on all the fun of the planning and dreaming involved.

I have some ideas for posts already.

Anything you are curious about or think I should cover?
I'd love to hear your ideas!

And to help get us started,
here's a sneak peek of our engagement shoot.



  1. First of all you look like a model, you and your fiance make a beautiful couple!!! Its hard to not talk about your wedding because its exciting and such a big deal, me personally I love hearing about other's wedding plans:)

  2. Yay, wedding things! I'm with Patty. Bring on the fun! If nothing else, I can collect ideas for my own future (I hope).

    I also think your engagement photos call for profile photo updates all around. :)


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