Thursday, January 28, 2016

31 Weeks

I love reading pregnancy updates.
They are such fun!
But when it comes to doing them myself...
my track record hasn't been great.
Getting pictures with me in them is something in general I have to remind myself to do.
I was inspired by Jess and her beautiful update to get back at it.
I made it my mini-resolution to take more pictures to document this pregnancy and our preparations for Baby. I'm holding myself accountable and joining the Picture Perfect monthly link up.

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How far along:
31 weeks

Weight gain:

You weigh about 3.5 pounds and are 16 inches long!
Some days I think you must be bigger than that,
but other days I wonder how squished you must feel.


Baby and Little One

What I'm wearing:

Mommy's wardrobe is getting smaller again.
If I could wear my Blanqi leggings and tank with a comfy cardigan or sweater everyday I would be happy.
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Full disclosure: I receive a store credit upon your purchase of $50 or more.
My cousin is a Blanqi co-founder.

Stretch marks: 

You've done a number on my belly button.
My innie can't be called an innie so much now, but it's not yet an outie!
It won't be long until we'll be fascinated with your belly button instead.


Peanut butter, salads, comfort food, and a margarita.


Tiny dancer is stuck in my head because of you!
I knew you wouldn't be still all the time,
but I never realized how much you would move.
I think I'll miss feeling you this way.


Sometimes I would forget I was pregnant until I looked in the mirror.
Now I feel very much pregnant all the time.

Miss anything:
but most of all being able to do things on my own.

Best moment: 

When Daddy felt you move for the first time.

Worst moment:

Having contractions the week of Christmas.
You scared Mommy something awful!
I am so glad they didn't progress.

Favorite memories: 

Hearing your heartbeat.
I could listen to that little heart for hours.

Looking forward to:

Kissing you the first time!

And now for the pictures :)

26 Weeks

Blanqi head to toe! My go to home outfit: leggings, underbust support tank, and graphic tee.

28 Weeks

Blanqi leggings can come to work too ;)

30 Weeks

31 Weeks

Modeling my Blanqi tights.

Happy Thursday!


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