Friday, January 29, 2016

Link-Ups to Love

All bloggers love a good link-up.
They are fun way to share your work and meet new friends.
The variety of topics are great for sparking ideas.
And a deadline isn't always a bad thing.
Here are some fun ones that I have joined or follow and a few new to me ones too!
Share: Posts on crafts, books, resources, lesson plans, art projects theme units, etc.
When: First Thursday of every month
Share: Books, authors, reading goals and recaps
When: Last Wednesday of each month
Share: Encouraging posts on motherhood
When: Each Monday
Our Pretty Little Girls
Share: Your child(ren)'s answers to the interview questions.
When: Second Wednesday of each month
Share: Your own photo challenge
When: Second Thursday of each month
Share: A recipe fitting the theme for the month
When: First Tuesday of each month
 photo currently-hosts2_zpstvdgzpyh.png 

Share: What you're currently up to in response to the month's prompts
When: First Wednesday of each month
Hosted by: In Residence and Gold & Bloom
grab button for Bright on a Budget
aka H54F
Share: Five highlights or things
When: Every Friday
While I'm Waiting...Waiting on...Wednesday link up
Share: What you're waiting on, working on, thankful for...
When: Every Wednesday
100 Happy Days
Share: Happy posts to bring sunshine to another's day
When: Every Thursday
Share: Any post
When: Every Thursday
Hosted by: Grammie Time
Share: Any recent post to connect and build friendships
When: Every Tuesday
And a new one for the list!
Coming this February:
With Grit & Grace
Share: All forms of goal posts are welcome. They can be for a specific area in your life, or your general goals for the day, week, month, or year. We love to hear updates on your progress too.
When: First Wednesday of each month starting February 3rd!
So if you're a planner, like me, your February could look something like this:
You are very welcome.
And if you can only handle one link-up a day, remember that the days listed are when the link-up opens.
Won't you please join me?
Linking up with H54F

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  1. Ooh! I'm excited to read (and maybe link up) to the new Grit and Grace one!! :)


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