Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Baby Steps Part One

Sometimes I can be an over achiever when it comes to setting goals.
They may not be unobtainable goals, but they are often broad, vague, unwieldy, and with the deadline of yesterday.
Not knowing where to begin I become overwhelmed, beat myself up about failing, and suffer defeat within a day or before I start.

Does this sound familiar, ladies?
The solution to this problem is to resign yourself to a life with an unbalanced budget, disorganized house, hectic schedule, fast/unhealthy food, and self deprecation. Ahem. No...been there done that...

The solution is to break that big dream down into smaller goals
 and, in turn, break that goal down into baby steps.
A friend of mine once told me that her goal for weeks was to clean her bathroom and she never did it. Following her mother's advice, one week she broke that chore down into teeny tiny chunks:
Day 1: Remove all items from counter and gather items to put away
Day 2: Wipe down counter and clean sink
Day 3: Return items to proper location
Day 4: Clean mirror
Day 5: In the morning remove items from shower, in the evening clean shower and return items
Day 6: Clean toilet
Day 7: Dust and sweep
and finally it was clean!
Now she could move on to another goal and slowly, but surely, her home was clean, she felt proud of what she accomplished, and she felt good enough about doing one baby step a day that she did not feel guilty doing something she enjoyed each day.
To be continued...

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