Thursday, January 16, 2014

Five Favorites Volume 17

Joining Hallie and the gang a day late, but better than never.
In February we launch the new Lia Sophia Spring/Summer catalog. With the pending arrival of new pieces, we must bid adieu to some good friends (sniff, sniff). Here are my top five retiring pieces that I am sad to see leave our catalog.


Melissa has been a top seller for me.
She is hard to put in a box, but she is definitely here and now, and on top of her style.



 I LOVE this necklace (not sure there is any other way to dramatize that statement more), so much so, I may have internally thrown a fit, "How can they? Why? Please, no!" about this one. After the temper tantrum and the return of reason, I took the more mature approach of vowing to wear it every day until it retires. Have I? No.
But the reality is, you could wear this necklace every day and not tire of the look or run out of options in my wardrobe. A modern version of a strand of pearls, it can transition to classic, sophisticated, vintage, and trendy depending on your look with ease.


Now these are earrings that are perfect for wearing for a whole weekend long without needing to run to your jewelry box, at least, I have.
Simple and elegant. No more words necessary.

This li'l guy is so cute. How can you not love him? Doesn't he just say, "Take me home, please?"
And if you have a day when you are not feeling so whimsical (or fierce, depending on how you look at it) you can swap him out with another bracelet clip.
Now go visit the rest of the gang; there you can find someone a little more sane.


  1. The Inked necklace is remarkable! I've never seen anything like it (and I guess I will less frequently now)!

    1. Isn't it?
      We do have a style similar to this in neutral shades and more variation in the bead sizes, but Inked is still my favorite.


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