Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Five Favorites Volume 19

Day five of tonsillitis.

In two more days I can get tested to determine if I managed to catch a disease one typically only hears teenagers and undergrads contracting. 

My closer to thirty than twenty self finds it slightly humorous that mono is even an option. My to-do list and diminishing number of sick days, however, causes a little bit of concern, because when one has severe tonsillitis, one has no energy to do anything productive…

Suddenly taking a shower is just cause for a nap.
Never mind the nap before the shower.
Going up the stairs to bed, is a breath reducing chore, so you might as well return to the couch, you already slept there last night anyway.

…all you really have energy to do is sleep, sip on milkshakes, and view what others have produced though the various mediums of television, social media, and literature.

Considering the length of this exhausted state, I have found some interesting and enjoyable reads that are worth sharing. Here are my top five. Make sure to visit Hallie and the rest to fumigate your computer and protect yourself from my plague.


This simple Verily article on dating in marriage has some solid advice for fostering any relationship.


Have you seen the Noah movie? What are your thoughts?
I am a theology nerd, and the Old Testament happens to be one of my favorite topics, so needless to say, I was a bit skeptical about “the real story” it proposed to tell.

This article touches upon the Gnostic views shown in the film. It is such an interesting read. From what I have studied, he is accurate on the theological points, and other reviews of the film I have read back up the movie plot points. So I will probably wait to view this one until it is on Netflix.


A friend of mine that is a make-up artist shared this article about Dermablend's new commercials. These women are inspirational!


Lindsay’s reflection on the loss of her grandfather is simple and sweet.


After the flu, an allergic reaction to food, my current bought of illness, and feeling some burnout, the need for a healthy lifestyle to be a top priority has become clear. One thing I love about the #1800minuteschallenge, several bloggers have banded together for, is how obtainable it is. I can find 30 minutes a day to do something active, and if today I cannot, then tomorrow I can for an hour. Consider  joining officially or just challenging yourself! Does not matter that you start a day or two late, I will be doing some workouts to make up for my time on the couch myself.

I hope you have a wonderful evening. Stay healthy, my friends!


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  1. Aww, thank you so much for spotlighting me!

    I know how you feel about being so sick. I don't get sick often, but when I do, the absolutely worst part is that I can't *do* anything useful while I'm at home. Catching up on my Hulu queue would be kind of useful, though. Feel better soon!


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