Friday, March 21, 2014

Seven Quick Takes or Couch Ridden Thoughts Volume 22

This week has been anything but quick and easy. I can barely believe it is Friday and yet, how can it be Friday already? Either way, it is Friday and a good day to choose joy and be thankful for another full week. 


I think I can count on my hands how many times I have left my couch since 4:00 pm yesterday. The lovely bug visiting my family decided it would like a bite of me. Fortunately, I am already feeling a good deal better, but extremely worn out. It is funny how a little illness can make you appreciate simple things. My cracker and Gatorade lunch seems like a feast today.


Wednesday we celebrated my go-to-guy, St. Joseph. It is hard to pick a favorite saint, but St. Joseph is the cream of the crop in my book.

I taught a class to Catholic educators on Wednesday and to celebrate the feast some brought in goodies to share. One of the early arrivals asked what the special occasion was and I explained that it was the feast of St. Joseph and when such a special day falls in Lent we can celebrate and not observe our Lenten fast. After that he got up, grabbed a cookie from the buffet of sweets, and vocalized his love for St. Joseph.


Speaking of Lenten fasts...Two weeks in and my lack of caffeine headaches have died down. My cravings, however, have not.

I have noticed some other developments. The first week I was constantly nursing herbal or decaf tea; having a warm beverage in my hands was comforting and helped me think less about how physically I felt I needed caffeine. The beginning of the second week I could substitute caffeine free beverages in place of the normal coffee or tea break. And the past few days I have had something in the morning and in the afternoon I have not had the same "must have something now" feeling.

Trips to coffee shops have also gone down, obviously this helps me stay caffeine free, but I have noticed a small change in my bank account that I must admit is nice. In fact, I have only visited an official coffee shop twice this Lent. Once during a freezing business trip and once with a good friend. This is much better than the whenever-I-had-down-time-between-appointments-habit I was in.

So all in all, my Lenten fast from caffeine is helping in more areas than one. 


Emily joined me for my first trip to a coffee shop this weekend. It was so good to sit and talk for hours about everything and nothing. Although we never did get to blog-storming, our time was well spent and we both came away refreshed. Raising Barnes got a post out of it! I am also loving her new look!


After my date with Emily, I went on to a successful Lia Sophia party and recruited my hostess (yay)! I am so excited to help her start her business and follow her dreams with Lia Sophia. I also learned a valuable lesson at her party that I am excited to share soon.


After the party I drove home and began unloading my car. It was bitter cold and windy, so I loaded my arms with as much as I could carry, came in, and turned up the heat. As I walked by my house keys on my kitchen table for a second load, I thought, "Should I grab those? Nah, the door is unlocked. I don't need them." I got to the door and noticed that it was not closed and on my way out I made sure to firmly shut it. You can probably guess what happened next. With my arms full of my purse, computer bag, and such, I returned to the door to find it locked tight and no amount of wiggling was going to change the button lock's shift to block the way.

Luckily, my phone was in my purse, and my little brother came to my rescue. 
Unluckily, there was only one key to the button lock and it was safe on my kitchen table. 

Luckily, one of the kitchen windows was unlocked. 
Unluckily, the previous renters had painted over all the seams and the window would not budge from the outside. 

Luckily, I could stay at my parents' and raid my sister's closet for something other than a dress and heels. 
Unluckily, what I thought was a light switch was an emergency alert button.

Luckily, we contacted the company and they called the police to inform them of the false alarm before we had to explain that we had already failed to break into one house and I was wearing stolen clothes.
Unluckily, B had the fun of replacing the doorknob.


Spring is here!

And there is snow on my driveway.

Make sure you visit Jen and the rest before you head out and have a fantastic spring weekend!



  1. Glad you are feeling better! My son is sacked out on the couch today with a stomach bug.....and who knows who will follow!

    1. Thank you, Michelle. I hope your bug hasn't made too much of a round at your house. It is quite a bad one going around.

  2. That story about getting locked out is too funny! Glad it all ended up ok. :)

    1. Me too! Thank goodness we could see the humor while it was going on, otherwise there would have been a lot of tears.


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