Saturday, March 8, 2014

I think I might just be a blogger...

Last night and thus this morning did not go as planned. A little thing called my furnace decided to go on strike. Well actually the opposite, the furnace refused to strike due to poor working conditions and ultimately fatal injuries. Thank goodness for parents nearby and my generous handy man! I slept in a warm bed and my home is now warming up quite nicely. 

My planned post, however, is not edited. So I will leave you with this mini-picture-post that just found its way off the chopping block.

One of many snowed in conversations: 

The only rational thing to do when one has the urge to clean, is to do just that... 
and document it for the whole world to see.
 I hope your Saturday is warm and cozy.


Post 6 for Seven in Seven.


  1. This should almost count as you guest posting, since half of the content is from you. :)


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