Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Pearl

Awhile back, I was invited to attend and speak at a girls' beauty night. My topic was to share some thoughts on true beauty and tips for styling outfits with jewelry. I jumped on the opportunity to be able to focus not only on external beauty, but to reflect on internal beauty as well and I wanted to share it with you.


As women we learn a lot from each other. We mimic our mother as we play house. We give each other make overs, shop together, convincing each other to buy or not to buy, analyze situations, and learn what it means to be a woman. So what I have to share, is not really mine alone, it is something I learned from another woman.

A few years ago, a couple girlfriends and I met for coffee. At one point in the conversation my friend referred to the two of us as treasures. Being one not to take compliments well, I turned her sentiment around and asked the deep question, "If you were a piece of pirate treasure, what would you be and why?" After my even deeper answer that I would be a crown, because "it is always the Queen's way," my friend responded. She would want to be a simple strand of pearls.

Her desire to be a pearl was not because they were sophisticated, classic, or pretty. She desired to be a pearl because they start off as a tiny grain of sand and over time become beautiful.

This answer struck my heart and continues to do so. Her reply summed up one the deep desire that I believe every woman feels. She desired for someone to see her, not as a comely grain of sand, but as a beautiful pearl. The hours women spend on making things beautiful are an expression of their deep desire to be precious, like a precious pearl.

This thought quickly turns to the merchant in Scripture that sells all his possessions to hold a solitary pearl of great price. This parable can be read as calling us to leave worldly desires behind for heaven, but there is another meaning that my friend's comment brought to my heart. We are already the pearl which is worth giving everything for. We started off as dirt (or ashes in the Lenten spirit) and God painstakingly created us in his Image and Likeness. The dignity we possess deserves even more awe than the world's rarest pearl.

So everything we wear and do should reflect and draw out the beauty that is already there. And if we have questions, we can ask ourselves, is this becoming of a treasured pearl?

Just in case you were wondering, my friend's dream came true. Not only did someone see her as a pearl, but he gave her pearls, and a wedding ring too.


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