Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lia Sophia New & Now - March

Awhile back I mentioned wanting to share more of my home business on the blog. I thought it was about time to get started and introduce you to a new monthly post.
New & Now is a monthly Lia Sophia publication with the latest exclusive specials for our hostesses and customers. It also contains the information for our limited edition collections. This publicity tool is available for advisors to share with their clients to keep them up to date on the great sales and it doubles as the perfect invitation for in home parties. Since I cannot mail each of you, dear readers, your very own copy, I decided to share the contents with you here.
Welcome to New & Now!

Hostess Specials
Lia Sophia has one of the best hostess plans out there (if I do say so myself).
In addition to our traditional Hostess Benefits, our March hostesses are receiving the limited edition Hutton necklace just for hosting a party with their girlfriends!

The combination of the rose gold ring with the silver makes this necklace easy to pair with silver jewelry. The style also has a classic sophistication to it that makes it wearable for work and play.

Our hostesses always have the option to purchase four items at a Hostess Bonus Price (HBP) of $15.00 or the listed HBP. In March our hostesses can purchase two of our top necklaces for 50% off the listed HBP. Juliet Necklace, by Jody is a favorite of mine and I just happen to be wearing it as I type this.

Instaglam & Juliet Necklace, by Jody

Customer Specials

In addition to showering our hostesses with jewelry, we want to make sure that her friends are getting a good deal so they can walk away with something pretty too! Our customer savings plan is buy two full price items; get one half off. The least expensive items are always full price, so you always get most expensive items on sale. The bonus for March is when you buy two, get one half off, you get three necklaces half off too!

And there's more. If you spend $80.00 you can purchase the limited edition Thea necklace or Bardot bracelet for $10.00!

Limited Edition Pieces

Pastels are big this season, as well as feminine details. With this in mind our new limited edition collection is full of dreamy blues and purples, sparkles, and ladylike proportions.


The emphasis of combining rose gold with silver in this collection is a great way to make a nod to the pastel trend with something that is classic for seasons to come. Personally, I am loving the rose gold with my skin tone. I am excited to see it on more women. I love trying something new and finding something universally flattering.

New Advisor Specials

Our new advisors are given the option to start their business with a $99.00 or $149.00 Starter Kit. This month the $149.00 kit includes some of the limited edition pieces in addition to the $1,000.00 worth or jewelry already included.

The additional jewelry in the Starter Kit is such a bonus! I am so excited for the incentives Lia Sophia keeps offering to help everyone get started smart.

If you are interested in learning more about Lia Sophia, I would be happy to answer your questions!


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