Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bedside Books

Next to my bed, a stack of books has grown and found a home in the recess of my nightstand.
I have always loved to read. The older I got and the more time that became dedicated to school, however, ended in a desire to do anything, but read. Each break and summer would begin and my desire to read would return just in time to hit the textbooks once more. Fortunately, being an Arts & Letters major I was assigned some Literature or sources that were enjoyable to read. This lack of reading only for school and never for fun lasted through most of grad school as well. I am kind of amazed that I read and finished Game of Thrones this summer while preparing and taking my comprehensive exams. It was my escape to a fantasy world with much larger challenges than a final exam. And then I passed my comps and the thirst to escape in a book ended with a halt. I would start books, but could barely be motivated to continue reading them. In fact, the only thing that got me to read was reading a book out loud with B. My brain was burnt out and if it was going to read it was not going to do it alone.
That attitude ended this winter when I found myself joining two book clubs at once (one had to fall to the wayside) in addition to trying to finish the many books I had begun in the midst of my studies and sabbatical from the written word. Now I am left with this nice stack full of old favorites and new discoveries:
From bottom to top:
Better Photo Basics
a gift to help me with my desire to take better pictures...just need a camera...
A Guide to Quality, Taste & Style
an old favorite that I pull out when my wardrobe feels greatly in need of being thrown out and started over
The Little Black Book of Style
another old favorite for defining and re-defining my style
The Know-It All
a book about a comedian reading the entire encyclopedia and the treasures he found within, a favorite of B's
Choosing Joy
I received this at an event and thought it was perfect for my year of joy
The Book Thief
the first installment of book club, so far the movie is so much better than the book, I almost never say that, but the film is excellent
Jane Eyre
the second installment of book club, fortunately, this is one of my favorites so completion was not necessary for discussing, but now I want to finish it again
The Tao of Pooh
a Christmas gift from B, because of my love for Pooh...
well because of my love for Pooh I found the only parts I really liked were the quotes from Pooh, so I stopped and re-read Winnie the Pooh instead...two years later I figured I should actually read it before I judge
A Clash of Kings
book two from the Song of Ice and Fire (aka Game of Thrones), I had a hard time reading it right after the first book, mostly because my favorite character does not appear until page 200-something
Not pictured: The Hobbit, The Dresden Files Book 1, and a book on Love and Responsibility (i.e. the books B and I are slowly working our way through), and Divergent (#3 for book club).
I will finish them!
Maybe I will document my progress from time to time.
Now I just have to choose which one to read first.
Which would you choose?
This post was partially inspired by Freckled Italian's



  1. When you're done, can I borrow Divergent? I've really been wanting to try that series out.

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