Friday, March 7, 2014

Seven Quick Takes or Better Thing to Read Volume 21

 I have been gathering links all week to share for Quick Takes, only to be greeted this morning by the same sort of post from dear Emily. Imitation is the best form of flattery, right?

So here are some things that I have been reading and thought were worth passing along.


Thanks for all the support and prayers after sharing my prayer intentions last week. My cousin is doing so much better. I cannot wait to plan a visit while she is well.

If you are a runner and want to run for a reason, you should check out Joan's idea of creating a prayer network of runners. This has really motivated me to get back to the gym. 

Running for a Reason 

 I was introduced to Call Her Happy recently. I love her sense of humor and her blog.
Keeping with the imitation theme, her post on content ideas is awesome! 

Content Secrets 


A good friend's sister-in-law was interviewed about what she is doing for Lent!
Knowing this young woman makes me even more inspired by her simple Lenten challenge. 

Paint the Mirrors 


Grace shared about the charity, Sister India today. I love how the platform promotes sisterhood between all women. It is worth a watch. 

Sister India 


Tomorrow is International Women's Day. I thought this article from Verily about why observing this day is still worthwhile was well written and thought provoking. 

Why International Women's Day is Still Relevant 


A friend shared this article about Edith Stein's advice to single women. I have read snippets of her work over the years, but I had not read this quote before: 

"[The priest] spoke to the temptation of the person in their twenties or thirties to measure their life in a linear way: to measure their worth and success by whether or not they had achieved certain standard markers that they felt they “should” have arrived at: obtaining degrees, landing a dream job, getting married, having a set number of kids by a particular age, and buying a house. The priest said that we ought to measure our lives vertically, like the corpus on the Cross. We should measure our lives by the depth that we enter into the present moment and how much love we are putting into it." ~ Edith Stein


I thought this buzzfeed article was worth sharing. Okay, I happen to know half of the ladies in it, so maybe I'm biased, but it is cute.

Things SAHMs Want to Tell You

Have a wonderful Friday friends!


Post 5 for Seven in Seven.

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