Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday Smiles Volume 27

A Monday moment:
On the treadmill reading this month's book club selection
while walking between intervals of running*
and feeling so proud of myself for:
1) working out,
 2) finishing a book in a week,
 and 3) finishing a book for book club prior to our meeting!
and then I look up at the clock and realize...
I totally just missed book club.
And now I want to laugh and cry at the same time.
Happy Monday :)
*I should note that it was a slow run, probably more like a jog.
Don't want the www to think I am more on top of it than this post already suggests. ;)


  1. I had a similar moment with a friend's bridal shower. I got the invitation, I RSVP'd, and I was all set. I forgot to buy a present, though, and I only remembered about the shower mere hours after it happened, when I saw the bride-to-be at Mass that evening. *facepalm*

    1. Oh my goodness! I can relate. It is so embarrassing! Just when I think I have my act together :P


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