Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Favorite Style Trends

My sisters and I have joked that currently in fashion everything is on trend.
We have:
 brights and pastels,
patterns and plain,
neutrals and colors,
androgynous and curvy,
textures and soft,
all at once.
I find it a bit contradictory and confusing,
but a lot of passé residents of my closet are making the rounds once again,
so I cannot complain.
My closet is also making some new friends, because this plethora of trends
has brought some of my favorite things to stores again.

Schoolboy blazer in floral linen
A few years ago I would have hated to admit to liking florals,
because middle and high school taught me well that florals were,
well...80's and that was akin to fashion suicide.
Luckily naïve and gullible me grew up and can embrace florals,
because they are pretty and feminine and I like them
and fashion likes them once again.
Black and White

"What black thing did you buy today?"
Is a common question my dad teases me with after a shopping trip.
I love black,
but black and white together are dreamy.
It is so crisp, clean, put together,
it is pretty difficult to go wrong.
Exotic Prints
Eva Mendes Collection - Emma Pencil Skirt - Printed
Having fun with your wardrobe is a must.
One twist to my mostly classic wardrobe that I tend towards is exotic prints.
Native American Prints
Indian Prints
Animal Prints
I love having that little bit of unexpected edge or piece that pops
 to build up my confidence from the outside in.
I adore lace.
I think what I love the most is the hem lace adds to your skirt and around your neck.
It is dainty, feminine, and a little flirty.
Thank you, Kate Middleton
for bringing it back!
I am a jewelry girl, so of course I am loving the focus on accessories.
I have been surprised how changing up my jewelry has expanded my wardrobe options.
This necklace is my current favorite.

Maybe because it's kind of lacey, flowery, has 'exotic' white mother of pearl...
All my favorites in one?

Speaking of five favorites in one, I'm linkin' up with Hallie for Five Favorites.
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  1. LOVE the skirt/dress in #3. The color and pattern combination is just divine.

  2. It's a skirt and it comes in brown too (the blue is awesome though). I kind of love the higher waist and longer hemline. It looks so figure flattering!


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