Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Where I Shop

Since last week,
I have become increasingly aware 
that I am not very adventurous when it comes to shopping.
I go to the same places over and over.
And if my trusty sources do not have what I am looking for,
I wait.
Unfortunately, this does not happen too often.
I have a talent for finding things that need a home.
 This fact, 
which started to reveal itself as I forced myself to not duplicate stores 
in my examples of trends last week, 
was confirmed as I unpacked in my hotel.
All my clothes and shoes, 
with the exception of college apparel, 
were from a handful of stores.
Which stores?
Awww, you like my clothes enough to want to know where I got them.
Thank you for the compliment.
I am happy to share with you.
Since you asked, 
of course.

Love, love, love Loft Petites.
This is my store.
I currently am wearing an entire outfit aquired from The Loft
over the past six years.
These items last and comprise most of my favorites and staples in my closet.

 I think we can agree that the second worst item to shop for is pants.
Especially if you do not fall in the "average" or "regular" categories.
My curvy petite's from NY&Co fit my height and frame perfectly.
 No gapping, no belts, no hemming.
Three cheers!

Macy's shoes is the department I visit the most.
Every once in awhile, especially if there is a sale, I have found a great dress or top.

This almost goes without saying.
My Target clothing purchases, however, stay in the workout and pajama department.
As a petite shopper, my attempts in other areas
 have most often lead to an empty cart or return aisle.


Only four stores made it into my suitcase, 
but since I am linking up with Hallie for Five Favorites...
 I thought I should throw in the store 
the cocktail dress I did not pack would most likely come from.
Hope you are having a great week.
Even though I am enjoying my work conference, 
I am looking forward to the holiday weekend at home. 




  1. Um. I think you should write a blog post about something big that happened recently. Or at least an explanation about why you might be experiencing some difficulty typing now that there is something very large weighing down your left hand. Just a friendly suggestion.


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