Friday, July 3, 2015

Savoring Time: Choosing to Embrace the Daily Moments of Life - Part ofthe What I Wish I Knew Before I Got Married Series

Hello, my name is Keri and I share over at Living In This Season. I love encouraging women to live with joy in whatever season of life they are in. I know some seasons are harder than others to embrace. Some seasons seem so dark and hard but thankfully spring always comes and we have hope in that. I was so excited when Christina asked me to share about marriage because I feel very strongly about building solid, God-centered marriages and we also just celebrated our 10 year anniversary! A little side-note something that we do every anniversary is write in a journal we have had ever since we were married, so funny to look back at it. We also like to talk about goals and how we think our marriage is doing... anyways onto my topic for today! While I could share a lot of practical tips on marriage and being a wife who speaks love and life, today I wanted to talk more about something that I wish I would have done more of in the early years of marriage- Savoring Time. Looking back, I see how I often was living in a "What's Next" mentality. Tips for a thriving marriage from Living In This Season We got married after my junior year of college and I look back at those early years and just have to smile. It was so fun and laid back and life was so simple. I mean really... I did not realize how simple it was until I look back now. I loved that first year of marriage but the whole time I was focused on graduating and moving onto the next thing. Over the next few years, I was constantly waiting on the next thing... my husband to graduate and get a job, my job, getting pregnant, etc. Now I look back and I wish I would have taken time to savor the moments. Those moments of marriage where it is a Saturday morning and you can sleep as late as you want, be completely care free about the plans of the day, and just have fun. I wish I would have treasured those days of being a first time mom more. There were many firsts I wish I wouldve slowed down and savored. But I don't want to always be looking at the past and wishing, so I choose to look at the here and now. I have an amazing husband and we have grown closer than ever. We have 3 beautiful children and I find myself finally slowing down; especially since the birth of my daughter last year. Moments seem so special and I finally see that time is meant to be savored not rushed through. So my dear, sweet younger friends who are just entering the world of marriage, I encourage you to slow down and savor time- savor the sweet moments of your wedding day, let go of the need for perfection, let go of the need to win every argument. Slow down and open your eyes to your life, to the beauty and excitement. Have joy and savor the moments- you won't regret it!

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  1. Wise tips Keri to pass on for sure. So much to savor for sure and hopefully others will listen to the advice of those that have learned.


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