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Tuesday Talk: Favorite Marriage Advice - Part of the What I Wish I Knew Before I Got Married Series

Since Matt and I got engaged last November, we've received marriage advice from family members, friends, and even complete strangers. The following list highlights a few of our favorite words of wisdom or anecdotes that have made us even more excited to be getting married:

1) "Want some free marriage advice? Make sure to go on a date at least once a week! My wife and I have been going out for a date night every Friday night for the past 37 years. I think we've only missed 3 Fridays in all that time." - salesman at a furniture store

Thanks to this sweet salesman's advice - and the fact that Matt and I really enjoy "date nights"- we have made an honest effort to have at least one date a week. We both consider ourselves to be foodies, so many of our dates revolve around food - cooking something, going to a restaurant, buying gelato from Target - while others have included exploring trails by the river or playing laser tag at an arcade.

2) Have fun learning each other's habits." - one of my married coworkers

Even though Matt and I have lots of things in common, we also have discovered several differences in how we do things. Those of you who know me personally probably know this by now, but I am actually a fairly messy person. Now when it comes to keeping up with work and appointments and those types of things, I am extremely organized, but when it comes to actual stuff - my car, my bedroom, my desk at work - well, I am kind of a slob! My sock drawer is a disheveled array of colors and patterns while Matt's solid-colored socks are folded neatly in pairs. I have been trying harder to be more organized especially when visiting Matt at his house - which will become my house too...crazy! - and I'm looking forward to discovering more of these little habits once we're married!

3) "Rest well and know that all will be well no matter how things go. Stay focused on being at peace in your heart.  It’s all about you and Matt." - an aunt wishing us well a few weeks before the wedding

With the wedding just days away now, it's been tempting to let our "to-do" list stress us out. Matt and I both consider ourselves to be people pleasers, so it's been an interesting journey planning a day that is truly supposed to be about us and the Sacrament of matrimony vs about our family and friends. All in all I feel like we have done a great job of being a team in planning and preparing for this wedding, and we really are excited to celebrate and share the day with those we love!

4) "Experience new things together!" - Theology on Tap speaker

This little gem of marriage advice has manifested itself several times these past few months as Matt and I have tried new foods (I had duck for the first time), played new games (Blokus has become a favorite of ours), and listened to books on tape together. We are certainly looking forward to many more adventures after we are married!

5) "Take 10, Plus 2, Plus Family!" - parish priest

One of our priest's really enjoys chanting these words during his homilies, and in case you haven't heard of his saying, it translates to the following:

Take 10: Take 10 minutes each day to pray

Plus 2: Plus 2 extra hours each week to pray (1 hour attending Mass with the other hour praying however you like)

Plus Family: Pray with your family

Matt and I started praying together each night a few weeks into our relationship, and on the nights when we haven't been able to see each other or talk on the phone, we've texted our prayer intentions to one another. It has been so special praying with and for one another, and it's become the perfect way to end our days!

6) "Marriage is the absolute best! I love being married more than anything else in the entire world!" - friend who stopped to chat with us after Mass

Need I say more? :)

Matt and I were married on July 11th and would certainly appreciate any prayers in addition to any marriage advice. Thanks so much again to Christina for letting me write this guest post today! :)
Joan Nagel is a Registered Dietitian who was born and raised in the Midwest. In her spare time she can be found reading her favorite blogs, making up songs on the piano, or spending time with family and friends. She has a deep love for Catholicism and blogs at Everything is Yours.

Alright ladies, now it's your turn, what is the best marriage advice you have received?

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  1. Love this marriage series! How you get everyone to give their own take on it. I started my own marriage series, but more from what I've learned in mine. I call it A Wedding is a Day A Marriage is a Lifetime. I think the most important thing I learned about marriage is that love is a choice. I dedicated a whole post on this actually. That we wake up and chose to love your partner.

  2. Wonderful advice from experienced couples. I love how you put so much emphasis on prayer, great tips. I've been married 29 years and I have to say the biggest piece of advice I would give: Forgiveness, a must! When there is forgiveness, there is no room for resentment and bitterness, the two components of an unhappy marriage, even when two people are living under the same roof.


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