Friday, July 31, 2015

Spouse Interviews - Part of the What I Wish I Knew Before I Got MarriedSeries

Hello dear readers! 
Today is the final day in What I Wish I Knew Before I Got Married: Reflections and Advice Celebrating Marriage. I don't like to pose questions I am unwilling to answer myself, so today's post comes to you from us two newlyweds. B and I sat down and came up with some questions and answers to see what wisdom we could offer after just over a month of wedded bliss. 
I hope you enjoy reading our thoughts as much as we did writing this. 

Without further ado, I give you our Spouse Interviews. 

1. How would you introduce me on Twitter aka in 140 characters or less?
C: Computer scientist, board game fan, fun-loving nerd with a heart of gold. 
B: Beautiful, caring, sensitive, short, cute, passionate, astute, planner.

2. What is the best marriage wisdom you have received?
C: When we announced our engagement my grandfather said, "And now you really get to know each other." So very true for engagement and marriage.
B: Some things are not worth fighting for- you choose your arguments.

3. What do you wish you had known before marriage?
C: Praying together is hard. It's hard to make time and it can be challenging and awkward at first. I'm still learning how we each pray best and ways of joining it together. But the effort is worth it.
B: How much my priorities would change.

4. What were you thinking when you/I walked down the aisle?
C: I was feeling overwhelmed with emotion so I told myself to just look and walk to you 
and then I was just so full of joy.
B: Wow. 

5. What were you thinking when we cut the cake?
C: Should I shove it? Will he shove it? I told him not to. He won't, but if I do, will he? I'm going to do it!
B: I knew you were going to shove it in my face and I wasn't allowed to retaliate.

6. What was the biggest surprise of the wedding day?
C: When our bridal party spontaneously serenaded us to "Just the Way You Are" while they danced around us in a circle- hand motions and all. 
B: I had no idea there was such a thing as a Groom's cake. That was neat.

7. What did you learn on the honeymoon?
C: How to bodysurf. You still can't read my mind.
B: Always double check your flight times.

8. What have you learned about yourself this past month?
C: A lot! I'm learning how to share every day life with some one, especially allowing some one else to help carry your burdens.
B: How selfish and independent I was before.

9. What has been the funniest thing to happen so far?
C: Your reaction to my organizing the closet by color.
B: When I dusted the bathroom with the shirt off my back and you shouted, "I'm living with a boy!"

10. What is your favorite part of marriage?
C: Everything ;) I especially love lazy weekend mornings when we can have a nice breakfast, sit around and talk.
B: Not having to drive home to two different houses. 

11. Anything else?
B: Having 11 questions bothers you doesn't it? You want to make it an even number don't you?
C: Yes.


  1. Christina, this is seriously the funniest/cutest interview. You guys are a darling couple! I love reading about what you've learned in your first month and look forward to following more of your newlywed adventures!

  2. Totally perfect! Wishing you many years of blessing one another and beautiful wedding pictures you have here too. Great series!


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