Monday, August 3, 2015

Introducing Joy-gust

Happy August!
Can you believe it is August already?
Me neither!
Well, August is here and to stay (for the next twenty-something days that is) and that means one thing…
Yep, I’m bringing Joy-gust back.
Last year my word of the year was joy. I designated August to focus on joy in a special way and Joy-gust was born.

Joy can be defined as a great happiness and giving happiness.
A gust is a sudden outburst or surge.
Joy-gust is about a surge of finding and spreading joy in my life.
For August, my goal is to practice daily acts that create joy - to take the focus off of me, myself, and I, and find an act of kindness I can do for others.
Would you like to join me?
Check back for words of wisdom that foster a joyful attitude, ideas for acts of kindness, reflections on the subject, and support throughout the month.
August is our month!
Let’s make choosing joy a way of life!

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