Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday Talk: Acts of Kindness for Your Spouse

It’s so easy in our day to day interactions to zero in on ourselves.
My schedule, my to do list, my convenience, my dreams, my feelings…
And in this state of me, me, me, someone else does something, a little tiny thing, that wakes us up and reminds us there are other people in the world and humbles us to know that they thought of us while we were thinking only of ourselves.

I strive to be this person, but it is a daily challenge and I fail just as much as the next girl.
Often kind acts for those I see day in day out are the hardest to do. The acts require more of myself, more mindfulness of others even though I'm at the one place I can completely let my hair down - they have to love me when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, had a bad day at work, have the tiniest signs of the sniffles, etc.

The resolution to do little acts of kindness seems defined enough, but if you are like me, 
it helps to take it a step further and to come up with specific acts to do either every day or a list to check off throughout the week/month/year. 
Here's my list of a month's worth of acts of kindness for your spouse to help me as I endeavor to follow these inspiring words:

“A joyful heart is the normal result of a heart burning with love. She gives most who gives with joy.” 
- Mother Teresa

Make their favorite meal
Do one of their chores
Participate in their hobby
Foot massages
Bring home a treat from the grocery store
Set out their breakfast
Compliment them
Give them a hug and kiss goodbye, hello, and good night
Call them at work to say hello
Pack their lunch
Leave a love note in their lunch box
Pay the bills
Make the bed
Clean your bathroom
Donate the donations box
Clear their plate
Talk about a moment that made you fall more in love with them
Pray with them - and thank God for them out loud
Clear the calendar to spend time with them at home
Plan their favorite date night
Make cookies together
Do the ironing
Look up the meaning of different flowers and create a custom bouquet
Wear their favorite outfit/color
Set out their clothes for the day
Do that thing you've been putting off
Tell them they have the night off to relax and do what they please
Give them control of the remote
Play their favorite game
Warm their towel in the dryer
Wink at them/use a cheesy pick up line - nothing like re-capturing those memories of 
to remind you how grateful you are to be done with dating

What are the little things you do for your spouse?

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  1. Great tips! My husband and I have both been very busy lately and I feel like even though we both work at home we've hardly seen each other. So last night I texted him while he was at the gym asking if he could find a little time to do something together, we decided to go to dinner together. It was nice to spend time alone without distractions.


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