Friday, August 7, 2015

Currently - August

Forgive me as I ease back into blogging with a few quick list/quick posts. It has been busy behind the computer screen. Here’s what we have been up to currently:


a life together out of the half unpacked boxes, piles for storing and donating, lengthy to do lists and hours we decide to throw caution to the wind and just enjoy our little love nest.


pillows and paint colors. B already owned the world’s most comfortable couch. Despite being almost a decade old, it looks just fine. The pillows, however, scream bachelor pad. Likewise, the all ivory walls need some color to give our place a homier feel.


my little Joy-gust will bear much fruit.


Garden veggies!

B planted a garden before the wedding and it has blossomed the past month. Any favorite zucchini, tomato, and/or green bean recipes would be appreciated! I adapted this one last night and was very pleased with the result.


Castle re-runs. I turn it on while I make dinner and it takes all my will power to turn it off or we end up watching until something else comes on.


Linking up with Gold & Bloom.


Have a happy weekend friends!


  1. Oh, YUM! That veggie salad looks so delicious. I love fresh veggies in the summertime!

  2. Ohhh all the boxes....I don't which was a harder to deal that or all the thank-you notes! ;-)

  3. Those veggies look delicious! Good look with the unpacking!

  4. Joy-gust - I love it! And fresh veggies too - lots of that around here lately. Thanks for linking up!


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