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Tuesday Talk: Football Fashion for Tailgate Tuesday

Welcome back for another week of Tuesday Talk!
This week we are thrilled to be joining forces with Erin of Love, Fun & Football
for her Tailgate Tuesday party to celebrate the beginning of football season!

I grew up in a house full mostly of women so there are many things about sports that I missed out on learning, but now that I'm grown I don't feel like I really missed out.

Even though sports were not a huge focus in our family, every fall there was nothing more special than packing up and heading to a football game with my dad at his Alma mater.
This was only beat by the extra special games when the whole family was able to attend or extended family came in, with a parking pass, and we hosted a tailgate.
The smell of burgers and brats floating in the air crisp with optimism of the outcome of the upcoming game. The fans milling around campus making sure to hit all their favorite spots. Racing from the Glee Club performance to meet the band on their march to the stadium.
Everything about the prep for the game is sprinkled with something akin to fairy dust.
It enchants me, draws me in, and my spirits are lifted up and fly.
These memories bring me such joy.

As I got older (and outgrew my cheerleader costume) preparation for the game went beyond tickets, food, and throwing on a sweatshirt. What to wear became a central question, as well as interpretation of the weather radar (I'm sure the weather was a factor before, 
but that was my mom's job until I was old enough to pick out my own clothes). 

Let's be honest ladies.
Sweatshirts can be cute, and some of us can look cute in them, 
but they would never make it to the list of attractive items to wear.
And another honest fact, branded clothing can get expensive and does not have the versatility of other items in your wardrobe. 

So what does one wear to a game?
Especially when the forecast of your destination can range from fabulous to miserable?
I have come up with some ideas for our entire football season!
A big key is to select items layers that follow your team's color scheme and mascot.

Seeing as everything I know about football I learned at the stadium of the University of Notre Dame and the Indiana weather offers a good deal of variety, we all get to be Irish fans today (or at least for the length of this post, but you really should consider it as a life decision)! For the Irish we can toy with shades of green, navy, and gold and pull in other Irish items such as shamrocks and plaid.
I hope you enjoy my efforts on combining football and fashion! 


In August the sun is most likely out and the temperature is somewhere between 65 and 90 degrees. Due to the optimum weather now is the perfect time to wear your team's tee (or a shirt in your team's colors). You could even wear a fun bracelet or headband. Sunscreen is a must and since you probably won't get a chance to reapply a longer pair of shorts and hat would be recommended to help protect you from the rays.

Football Fashion - August


Come September the weather can be trickier to predict.
Indian summers provide warmer days with brisk nights.
It is more than likely though that Autumn's crisp has set in and depending on the wind or the shade of your seats you may or may not need a jacket.
The art of layering comes in to play this month.
The good news is, there are a multitude of attractive options available to us.
This Fall standard outfit goes from everyday to game day with the addition of a pop of green and shamrock earrings both of which you could wear any day.

Football Fashion - September


October can be another tricky month to predict, but precipitation and wind have more than likely come to join the mix. The rain can put a damper on spirits quickly. The key is to wear warm, breathable layers underneath so during the moments of dryness (or when you venture inside) you can remove your rain jacket and still feel put together. Some fun rainboots or a hint of jewelry can help brighten up your look.
A change of clothes (at least socks) is highly recommended

Football Fashion - October


November is most undoubtedly going to be cold. Depending on how cold you may opt for long underwear and layers of socks (most long underwear is thin and breathable and works well with layering - they just might not go with your skinniest of skinny jeans). Wool sweaters, sock, mittens, and hats help keep the heat in (note the Irish cable to support my team - yes, I'm a nerd) and bonus points for finding a scarf in a plaid resembling that of the band. An insulated coat that covers your seat when seated is a great choice (especially if you find one that sports your team's colors). Even though the snow might not be falling, it's time to pull out your winter boots. Those bleachers get cold fast! 

Football Fashion - November

Go Irish!

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  1. I'll take one of everything! And I'm still dreaming about the "Notre Dame" lia sophia necklace...why did I never get it?! -Jess, Sweet Little Ones

  2. I love your outfits for each month… definitely will be using them for inspiration, but in red and black for UGA :)

  3. I'm so glad we could all team up today--- football fans unite!! :) I love your outfit picks- although I'd prefer a little less green, and a little more orange hehe ;)

  4. Popping by. I think you know my sister in law from http://beautifulmess46.blogspot.com/. You probably know my brother too. What a small world!
    Feel free to stop by my blog too.

  5. Lots of fun outfit ideas! Great colors as a Notre Dame fan, too! Hope the weather cooperates for you this year :)

  6. These outfits are amazing!!! Notre Dame fans are so lucky - navy and green? Yes, please! Good luck this season!

  7. I love these picks!! You know, assuming all the teams are swapped out for Bengals gear ;) so cute!!

  8. Stopping by from the link up! :) I LOVE your outfit picks, so cute!! The clothes are definitely part of the fun of football!


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