Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tuesday Talk: Love and Hate

Welcome to Tuesday Talk!
Michelle tagged all of us Tuesday Talk hosts to do our own Love and Hate posts.
I have not done a post like this in a long while and with all the new faces around here, I thought it was perfect timing to do a “getting to know you” post.
The gist is to make a list of ten things you love and ten things you hate (I try to avoid using the word hate because it is so strong, so let’s say dislike with a passion instead) and tag ten friends to write their own post. Since it’s Joy-gust, I’m going to start with my dislikes so we can end on a joyful note thinking about the things we love.
Here it goes!
I dislike…
Chewing with one’s mouth open
Being rushed
Being put on the spot
Crass humor
Being told to do something I am already doing
Snakes – especially large ones that can swallow humans whole
Objectifying people
Mosquito bites
Condescending attitudes
Horror films – I do not understand the fun in being terrified
I love…
Decorative pillows – it’s amazing how a pillow can pull all the colors in the room together or add a unique twist to a standard color palate.
Children’s literature – I could read Winnie the Pooh and Anne of Green Gables forever
Organizing closets, cabinets, dressers – the feeling of accomplishment is the best
Good business – an unique angle, stellar marketing, great customer service it makes me happy
Drinking tea outside – there’s something so peaceful about sitting in nature
A fresh snowfall – before anyone’s feet have touched the crisp white blanket
Pops of red – in an outfit, meal, or room it completes the picture
Baking cookies – oatmeal chocolate chip are my favorite
Perfume d’ bebe – how do babies smell so sweet?
Being an aunt – there are no words to describe the joy
I tag you!
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  1. This is such a good idea! Love that you ended with the things you love. I have to agree with the love of a fresh snowfall...I am so ready for Christmas!


  2. Love your answers and we have many in common (I didn't add). Funny thing, I thought the same thing about the word "hate." I like how you changed it. I usually follow all the rules on these tags but thought to change the word also. Good job!

  3. Love this! Something I dislike: people having strong opinions about topics they are ignorant about. Cheers!


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