Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tuesday Talk News

Welcome to the final Tuesday Talk of 2015!
Thanks for joining us this year and all of our adventures.

As the year draws to a close, we are sad to share some bittersweet news.
This is the las Tuesday Talk with this group of outstanding hostesses.
A few of the ladies will be stepping back from the link up as hostesses in 2016.

Lauren at Simply Elliott
 Elizabeth at This Little Home of Mine

We will miss you girls!
But we're thrilled we'll be staying in touch through the blogosphere.

Ready for some good news?
We have four more lovely ladies joining us for 2016!

Emily at Raising Barnes

We are excited to continue the journey with you!
So hop around today and wish the retiring and new hostesses well.I know you will make everyone feel warmly appreciated and welcome.
You show me that each week!

Now for the link up!

Waltzing In Beauty

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Beth - Our Pretty Little Girls ~ Michelle - Grammie Time 
Keri - Living In This Season  ~ Christina - Waltzing In Beauty  
Lauren - Simply Elliot ~  Becky - BYBMG 
Jess and Katie - Sweet Little Ones ~ Whitney - Polka Dotty Place  
Laura - Life Is Beautiful ~ Elizabeth - All Kinds Of Things 
Sarah - Abiding In Grace ~ Stephanie - Wife Mommy Me  


  1. I featured you this week in my Tuesday Talk for your Blogger in Review post. So happy you still are joining us for 2016.

  2. Excited to join you this year, Christina! And I loved your blog post round up, thank you for featuring me along with many other great posts! I know that was a lot of work! :)


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