Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Winter Gratitude

For me it happens so quickly.

I begin a harmless conversation about the weather
and leave with the mentality of Ebenezer Scrooge.
It sounds like an exaggeration; I almost hate to admit, but it is not.

The winter weather opens the door to a variety of complaints regarding the drop or rise in temperature including consternation about the creation of slush, ice or the ever dreaded snowfall.
This leads to conversations about the removal of said snow prior to work which, of course, can only be described as drudgery for the sake of bills being paid. Going back to the removal of the snow, the small talk ultimately lands upon the incompetence of (insert beloved family member) at shoveling the drive and state of the tools in the garage. Farewells are bid wishing for Spring...
heaven help us from the rain it brings.
 And lastly the subjects walk away from each other not knowing anything nice about the life of the other and feeling down about the dismal nature of their own life.

Our first snowfall came before Thanksgiving and with it the complaints regarding Mid-western winters began. Unfortunately, I think too often (and I fall into this myself), we bond over things through a dialogue of complaints - complaining about the weather, chores, work, children, in-laws, spouses...
In the midst of these complaints we loose the joy of things that are a gift.

Nipping the complaining bug is hard.
It takes me all my concentration and will power to even notice I'm heading down the wrong path before I've gone too far.
Something that helps me is to prepare before it even happens.
Coming up with positive ways to respond to questions
and surrounding myself and filling my mind with lovely things.
It is an attitude shift that takes time.

This year, as I strive to focus on gratitude, I have found taking the time to write down the things I love about the season provides the first step in approaching the complaints with grace.

This December I am going to be working extra hard to not let the chill outside get in my heart.
Won't you join me? 

Things I am thankful for/looking forward to this Winter...

the beauty of the falling snow
the laughter of the neighborhood children as they play
trimming the tree
decorating our home for Christmas
cozy layers
bright and colorful socks that don't match a thing hidden away under boots
patterned tights
snuggles on the couch by the fire
hot chocolate time after coming in from the cold
capturing the beauty of a fresh snowfall
driving to view the Christmas lights on the homes in the neighborhood
mailing Christmas cards
wrapping presents
Advent candles glowing on the table
Christmas music
Christmas movies
planning for the new year
Valentine's Day
celebrating the Winter birthdays in the family
making Christmas cookies
Cranberries being easier to purchase
going for walks in the snow
warm woolen mittens and scarves and hats
opportunities to dress up for parties
wearing sweats under a cute coat to the store and no one knowing you aren't all together
the goodwill the holidays instill in hearts
preparing our home for our little one
preparing our hearts for Him
What are you grateful for this winter?
What are you looking forward to doing that you can only do in the winter?
What are ways you stay positive when complaints abound?


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  1. The winters are hard here (Ohio) and I'm not used to it because I grew up in Virginia and only moved here 6 years ago. But I'm going to jot down your list and add in a few of my own to help remind myself of all the wonderful things about winter and keep my attituce in check. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. These sound cozy, warm and inviting. Winter happens to be a favorite season of mine. I think because we get to relax a bit more being stuck inside more often and all the seasonal festivities too.


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