Tuesday, December 8, 2015

24 Weeks

We are well beyond the halfway mark!
Pregnancy, so far, has been an exhausting, uncomfortable, exciting, and beautiful experience.
I know in the end all the aches and pains will be well worth it.
The joys of sharing Baby's kicks with Dad negate all the restless nights and tired days thus far.

For those of you who have asked, and those that haven't, 
I decided it was about time to share some baby belly pictures.
Please forgive the quality.

16 Weeks

I have to laugh, because I felt so large then.
I had been pretty much wearing only maternity clothes since around 14 weeks.
Baby's kicks felt like little bubbles bursting.
And the nausea finally went away!
I also have to laugh, because here I am barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.
My father-in-law said it made me a true Mountaineer...

20 Weeks

Halfway there!
I snapped this shot after our ultrasound.
Seeing Baby was magical.
It made the whole thing so much more real for us.
It also made us fall deeply in love with that adorable little profile.

23 Weeks

Excuse the fuzzy hotel room selfie.
Over Thanksgiving my belly really popped out
and the uncomfortable burning and sore muscles, reflux, and restless sleep symptoms came with it.
I think, however, the nausea of the first trimester was much harder to get through.

and most importantly...

Sigh, I'm in love!

This is my first time around,
How did you track all the wonderful and changing stages of pregnancy?
What kind of updates would you like to see?

Happy Tuesday everyone! 

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  1. You look so cute, Christina! Such a cute bump!

  2. Beautiful! Happy bump! Back in my baby days we didn't document. Internet was not the norm. We talked about out bumps. I know, that did happen. People talked to one another face to face. We didn't even take pictures all the time. I think I have one pregnancy picture for each child. That's it.

  3. so cute!!
    I took weekly pics with my first... the 2nd, not so much lol!

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