Friday, June 7, 2013

7 Quick Takes or Catching Up on Life Volume 12

The past few weeks have been busy with a capital b.
(how are you supposed to type that saying, Busy with a capital B?)
I feel a bit out of sorts from all of it and will be happy to get back to the new normal after all the running around.  For now I'm happy to be back writing and joining Jen and the others.
1.  Two weddings on consecutive weekends is a perfect recipe for exhaustion.  I love to dance, but by the end of Kat and Chad’s big day my poor feet were almost numb.  Their wedding was beautiful and the reception a blast.  Unfortunately my camera died and all I have to share is this crystal clear snapshot and some FB ‘borrowed’ shots.


I’m so happy for my dear friends!
2.  B is officially a home owner!  He closed on his house last weekend.  While we moved the first of many loads of boxes into the garage someone set off some fireworks right above his house.  We were going about our business and a police vehicle pulled up asking if we had heard or seen fireworks.  Being law abiding citizens we reported what we knew about their location and the policeman smiled and said he knew where to go.  Looks like there may be some troublemakers a few blocks over.
3.  Another happening of last weekend was my five year undergraduate reunion.  It was so very nice to get to spend the weekend with a great group of girls from my dorm, including one of my dearest friends.  We met in class, became study partners, and ultimately realized that we were much better at studying before we became friends.  We had a great representation of our class at the reunion weekend, but I still missed seeing some of my favorite faces on campus.

4.  While running to the store and picking up some diapers for a friend stranded at home with a sick baby, I was informed that I did not look old enough to have a baby.  Yes, I know I will eventually be grateful for looking young so I accept the compliment, but there is something strangely satisfying when all the years of your life are recognized.  And to go all philosophical on the poor dear, she seemed to be operating under the premise that motherhood was something you did not do while you were young and, shall I extrapolate, in your prime years of life?  She was a sweet girl and chatted with me about my hair and my jewelry, so I have to forgive her for not realizing the undertones of what she was saying.  But deep down I really wanted to sit her down and have a heart to heart.  Dear girl, motherhood is beautiful and desirable, and when you get to be my age I hope you do not have to wish to be going on your own diaper run.  But for now I’m glad I could offer you hope that straight hair, on a rare occasion, may actually become wavy.
5.  May came and went and I will have to say my attempt at Style Me May was somewhat of a wash.  I was doing 100% with selecting my outfits based on the style prompt, 80% on taking a picture, and 5% on posting said picture, and then the week of my sister’s wedding came and it was 0% on all accounts.  Sometime in the near future I will try again. 

6.  With summer comes all sorts of dDowntown is home to the many festivals of the summer as well as to Thursday lunches on the square with music and food trucks.  The first festival of the season is the highly anticipated (except by medical professionals on duty): German Fest.  Our building is several blocks away from the fairgrounds and it is a floor tradition to make a trip down to enjoy the weekly fare.  With various obligations we strayed from the traditional Festival Friday lunch and trekked to the park on Wednesday for our brats.  I'm not a huge brat eater, but there is something about eating one outside with a polka band singing John Mayer in the background that makes it all the more enjoyable.
7.  I'm approved for my comprehensive exam!  As I look at the daunting stack of books to study, I am reminded of one of my favorite professors:
"'All right books, you just stay right there on that desk and I am going to read you.
(starts reading and yells)
Now I said, stay there!' 
Sometimes you have to teach these texts who is boss, otherwise they get uppity."
If a theologian recognized by the pope can talk to books so can I.
Have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. I'm not sure if the centering will be happening from now on or not.  The formatting on blogger is doing all sorts of funkiness and centering seems to be the only safe option.  Ok, it's the only option that isn't driving me crazy.  I'm choosing to ignore the difference in spacing between photos am I the only one that this bothers?


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