Friday, June 14, 2013

7 Quick Takes or Working for the Weekend Volume 13

Friday!  Glorious Friday!  I have been pinning after you all week. 

1.        Last weekend’s promise of date night quickly changed when B’s best friend from high school announced he was coming to visit.  After the internal ten count pity party I allowed myself, I looked forward to meeting such a good friend that I have heard so much about the past few years.  I also could not complain because we were able to sneak in a quick trip to the 20th Annual Weiner Dog Nationals at German Fest.  What is there not to love about hundreds of dachshunds racing in brackets for the coveted title of champion?
Wow those dogs are fast!  Oh wait, they haven't started yet.
2.       It was so nice to spend time with B and his old friend this weekend.  Hearing old and new stories of their friendship and seeing them interact was a great opportunity and I feel like I know B even better than before.  Of course, there was the mandatory evening at the local board game store for a lengthy game night.  I can read your mind.  You are thinking: nerds.  Yes, it is true.  If you had any doubts on the subject I think the name of the store just might seal the deal.


3.       All my little brother wanted for his birthday was to see Ironman 3 and Star Trek in the movie theatre.  We finally got around to fulfilling half of his present and saw Ironman 3 on Tuesday.  But before we could enjoy the film, we had to prove we met the prerequisites of viewing specific Marvel films.  I can read your mind again...

4.       My house was blessed with an ant infestation as well this week.  Earlier in the evening we had spied one in the living room, ushered him outside, and thought nothing of it.  After everyone left, I ventured to my room to prepare for bed.  One ant, two ants, three ants…after guiding nine ants towards the light and spying several more, I gave up called my dad and slept on the couch.  The next morning I was welcomed by five on my vanity and more crawling on the floor.  My daddy saved the day and called the exterminator for me.  Now I am discovering dozens of ants in need of a funeral.

The ants go marching one by one, hurrah...

5.       Wednesday night we had a long stretch of severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings.  The predicted derecho (weather systems joined into one large severe mess) did not form, thank goodness, but we did have enough continuous downpour, hail, and winds to spend the entire night in the basement close to the only room in the house without windows.  At first my nieces and nephews thought it was great fun to hang out in the shower with Grandmommy’s comfy blankets and a mattress outside the door.  The natives got a little restless after five minutes of prayers and the shower was transformed from a car into a jumping pit.  Don’t worry “Aunt A-Stina” was being so silly because, they were “just ‘ittle jumps…just doing one more” and they were “not doing ‘nastics.”  Then the baby hit his head and the tune changed to “my bottom is on my seat!”  Being an aunt is one of the best things in life.
Almost everyone.
6.       For a few shining moments on Thursday I thought it truly was Friday.  The sunny weather after the storms gave that feeling of hope and joy I experience with the anticipation of the weekend. Fortunately, the devastation (overly dramatic, I know) of realizing there was another day between me and the desired weekend was short lived when an impromptu lunch date was planned.  Duck pastrami, French fries, and gourmet ice cream from my two new favorite places and a sweet boy on a long weekend = perfect remedy for the Thursday afternoon blues.

7.       Our parking garage has been going through some much needed renovations.  We have already gone through weeks of confusing traffic lanes and dusty cars as they worked on the ramps.  Now that the threat of snow is behind us (knock on wood), the construction has moved to the actual floor of the garage.  We received an email apologizing for the inconvenience of not being able to park on the top floor of the garage.  What they forgot to mention was the amount of vibration caused by the machines would be great enough to shake the entire building.  My cube is on the top floor and the constant feeling of the aftershock of an earthquake is thoroughly disconcerting.

Make sure to visit Jen and the other quick takers before heading out to enjoy your weekend!

Oh weekend!  If only I did not have to share you with my books.

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