Friday, June 28, 2013

7 Quick Takes Or Thank You Notes Volume 14

As I sit and think over the past couple weeks full of events big and small ,
I realize how horribly lucky I am.
So today I am going to stray from the norm.  
Instead of recapping the highlights, 
I'd like to take a quick moment and thank those that bless my life.
For I am the luckiest.

Thank you, Jen, for providing us with a forum to make new blogging buddies!
I have been amazed by how welcoming and supportive it is in the blog world. 
Thank you also for the Quick Takes template.  
They are all so nice and formatted. 
It makes my little organizing loving heart skip a beat.

Thank you to my dance teachers and dance family. 

You have always been so welcoming, kind, and supportive.  It was great to spend a weekend with you celebrating the opening of the new dance school.  Dance has always been such a big part of my life, but the most important thing is that it has blessed me with the opportunity to be with such amazing people.  The relationships that have come about are irreplaceable.

Thanks to my lia sophia team. 
You ladies are all the best! 
Each of you offer such good advice to me as a fashion advisor. 
You inspire me!
Thank you to lia sophia, as well, for providing a great product, but ultimately for running a company that puts the women you serve first.  There are so many exciting things coming out this weekend about the future.
I am so excited to continue and for my business to grow.

Thank you to my ever faithful study buddy and summer school roomie.

I'm so happy that we were able to reconnect.  Despite the many years between third grade and grad school, it feels like nothing ever changed and we were never apart.
Grad school would be miserable without you!
And a lone girl breaking out into Broadway musical songs at a coffee shop is just plain ridiculous.

Thank you, Emily, for the secret summer Santa chocolate deliveries, e-mail conversations, lunch line moral support, coffee and frosty Friday runs (hmm...), blazer saving, blog support...
Basically, thanks for being the best cube wall buddy ever.

Thank you for attempting to spare me from the mosquitos and not laughing too much about the constellations outlined in bites on my face. 
Thank you for coming to my rescue and applying first aid to my desk chair wounded heel and for putting up with my need to have my doctor dad look at it. 
No matter how many times you say I don't need stitches, it only make sense from him.
Thank you for coming to the coffee shop to calm my nerves after being approached by a strange man.
Thank you for practicing those tricky dance moves with me after class was over.
Thank you for making time for me despite overtime and being on call. 
Thank you, B, for everything.
I love you.

Last but not least, thank you to my family for always being there.
I could fill a book, so I will keep it short.
Grazie mille!

And thank you to you, dear reader. 
It's hard to describe how much it means to have you stop by my little corner.
Have a fantastic weekend!
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  1. I so did not deserve my own Quick Take! *humbled* Thanks for being the best wall buddy a girl could ever ask for :)

  2. Yes you do. For all the reasons above.

    Technically speaking, I spend about a quarter of the hours in a week in your presence or near proximity, so yeah, still deserved. :)


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