Thursday, December 4, 2014


How does the saying go,
the only thing certain in life is death?
I think we need to add change into that equation.
Change in life is certain.
Change, however, feels anything but certain.
There have been a lot of big changes for me this past year
and even more this past week.
1. My director at work left and myself and a co-worker were named interim co-directors.
2. This came with about four new projects to oversee
and an office(!).
3. B and I got engaged.
4. My interim position became my job.
5. This was shortly followed by a new organization of departments and a newly hired supervisor.
6. We personally stripped the house I grew up in to be demolished by the new property owners and replaced by luxury apartments.
7. I learned that I am not at all bad with a crowbar and bricks.
I also learned that my endurance for such work is not as long as I would like to admit.
8. A friend's wife passed away and it hit me hard and I went on a good mental vacation for a few weeks reflecting mortality. Right in the middle of overpromising to blog 30 posts in 30 days.
Sorry guys, I learned a lot about knowing when you need to say, "no," no matter how great it sounds.
9. B's favorite board game store closed and now board game/guys nights aren't as scheduled.
10. The dance studio where B and I met, along with so many good friends, closed.
11. and now Lia Sophia will be closing their doors too.
The announcement was made this Monday afternoon and I still am having a hard time believing it.
Fortunately, the company still puts their customers and advisors first;
all stock is now on sale for 50% off.
It is bittersweet, feeling the love from all my friends and customers
and knowing it is the last month of my business.
I know that closing this door will open another for a new adventure
and with the wedding getting closer every day (a little over six months away!)
it is good to have one less thing on my list to worry about.
Many ladies are moving on to other companies right away,
but I am going to take a little break
and relax a bit.
And  focus on other things
cough, working out, cough, blogging, cough.
If you are interested in our sale, please contact me.
I can let you know about stock and help you find the perfect piece.
I truly appreciate the support!
Happy Thursday!
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