Do you remember when you were a little girl?

When you thought your grandmother, mother, aunts, babysitter, teacher, etc.
were the most beautiful women on earth?
Not because anything physical, but because you looked at them and saw love.

When you would put on your new party dress, look in the mirror,
and you just had to smile, clap your hands, and twirl?

Do you ever feel jaded, worn out, like you lost the girl you were in the chaos of life?
Me too.

Those eyes, the eyes of a little girl, are the eyes with which I want to see the world.
Eyes that see the beauty inside and out.
Eyes that see the beauty that can be found in every day life.

Welcome to Waltzing In Beauty!

Through posts on anything and everything from styling your wardrobe and home, recipes, and reflections, I hope for this space to be a place where we encourage, support, and celebrate the beauty that can be found in each day.

We are on this journey together. 

I want to learn from you!
My favorite posts are lessons I have learned from others.
I want to celebrate you!
Each Tuesday, join in on Tuesday Talk to share what's been on your heart, a yummy recipe, your DIY triumph, etc.

I want to share with you!
Guest post series are another favorite.
I want you to know that you are beautiful, worthy, and most importantly, loved
 - by a love so much greater than any human love.

Waltzing in Beauty is inspired by my favorite poem, Lord Byron's She Walks in Beauty. It describes the woman I long to be and the woman I am striving to become - one that is noted not for her outward appearance, but for her virtue and care for those all around her, one that sees and enjoys the beauty in every day life. Started in 2013 as a place for my love of writing and beautiful things, blogging revealed to me an outlet for another passion of mine: encouraging women in a supportive, sharing, joyful community.

If we could sit down together to chat over a cup of tea, I would, but in the meantime, pour yourself something in your favorite mug, and follow along!
I love hearing from you!

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Profile picture and About page photos thanks to Dustin & Corynn.
All opinions expressed in Waltzing In Beauty are my own and do not reflect those of my employers.

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