Friday, January 29, 2016

Link-Ups to Love

All bloggers love a good link-up.
They are fun way to share your work and meet new friends.
The variety of topics are great for sparking ideas.
And a deadline isn't always a bad thing.
Here are some fun ones that I have joined or follow and a few new to me ones too!
Share: Posts on crafts, books, resources, lesson plans, art projects theme units, etc.
When: First Thursday of every month
Share: Books, authors, reading goals and recaps
When: Last Wednesday of each month
Share: Encouraging posts on motherhood
When: Each Monday
Our Pretty Little Girls
Share: Your child(ren)'s answers to the interview questions.
When: Second Wednesday of each month
Share: Your own photo challenge
When: Second Thursday of each month
Share: A recipe fitting the theme for the month
When: First Tuesday of each month
 photo currently-hosts2_zpstvdgzpyh.png 

Share: What you're currently up to in response to the month's prompts
When: First Wednesday of each month
Hosted by: In Residence and Gold & Bloom
grab button for Bright on a Budget
aka H54F
Share: Five highlights or things
When: Every Friday
While I'm Waiting...Waiting on...Wednesday link up
Share: What you're waiting on, working on, thankful for...
When: Every Wednesday
100 Happy Days
Share: Happy posts to bring sunshine to another's day
When: Every Thursday
Share: Any post
When: Every Thursday
Hosted by: Grammie Time
Share: Any recent post to connect and build friendships
When: Every Tuesday
And a new one for the list!
Coming this February:
With Grit & Grace
Share: All forms of goal posts are welcome. They can be for a specific area in your life, or your general goals for the day, week, month, or year. We love to hear updates on your progress too.
When: First Wednesday of each month starting February 3rd!
So if you're a planner, like me, your February could look something like this:
You are very welcome.
And if you can only handle one link-up a day, remember that the days listed are when the link-up opens.
Won't you please join me?
Linking up with H54F

Thursday, January 28, 2016

31 Weeks

I love reading pregnancy updates.
They are such fun!
But when it comes to doing them myself...
my track record hasn't been great.
Getting pictures with me in them is something in general I have to remind myself to do.
I was inspired by Jess and her beautiful update to get back at it.
I made it my mini-resolution to take more pictures to document this pregnancy and our preparations for Baby. I'm holding myself accountable and joining the Picture Perfect monthly link up.

Note: This post contains referral links.
I may receive some store credit upon your purchase.
How far along:
31 weeks

Weight gain:

You weigh about 3.5 pounds and are 16 inches long!
Some days I think you must be bigger than that,
but other days I wonder how squished you must feel.


Baby and Little One

What I'm wearing:

Mommy's wardrobe is getting smaller again.
If I could wear my Blanqi leggings and tank with a comfy cardigan or sweater everyday I would be happy.
Receive 20% off your Blanqi order by using my referral link!
Full disclosure: I receive a store credit upon your purchase of $50 or more.
My cousin is a Blanqi co-founder.

Stretch marks: 

You've done a number on my belly button.
My innie can't be called an innie so much now, but it's not yet an outie!
It won't be long until we'll be fascinated with your belly button instead.


Peanut butter, salads, comfort food, and a margarita.


Tiny dancer is stuck in my head because of you!
I knew you wouldn't be still all the time,
but I never realized how much you would move.
I think I'll miss feeling you this way.


Sometimes I would forget I was pregnant until I looked in the mirror.
Now I feel very much pregnant all the time.

Miss anything:
but most of all being able to do things on my own.

Best moment: 

When Daddy felt you move for the first time.

Worst moment:

Having contractions the week of Christmas.
You scared Mommy something awful!
I am so glad they didn't progress.

Favorite memories: 

Hearing your heartbeat.
I could listen to that little heart for hours.

Looking forward to:

Kissing you the first time!

And now for the pictures :)

26 Weeks

Blanqi head to toe! My go to home outfit: leggings, underbust support tank, and graphic tee.

28 Weeks

Blanqi leggings can come to work too ;)

30 Weeks

31 Weeks

Modeling my Blanqi tights.

Happy Thursday!


Receive 20% off your Blanqi order by using my referral link!


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday Talk Host Features: Sarah

Let's kick off the year with an update to our Tuesday Talk Host Features shall we?
On the fourth Tuesday of each month I will be featuring one of my twelve lovely co-hosts.
I hope this will be a fun way for you to get to know the ladies behind the link-up better
and connect with us in a different way.

First up, Sarah at Abiding in Grace!

FRAZER (79 of 80)

Describe yourself in 3 words:
Realist. Creative. Organized.

What are five of your favorite things?
1.) I love coffee. With lots of Chocolate/Caramel creamer. I've tried all of the other creamers, but the International Delight's Chocolate/Caramel creamer is my fav!
2.) I also love words. Pretty words. Long words. Short words. Words strung together are my favorite thing in the world. The spoken words in beautiful screen writing. The written words typed on the screen revealing the inner heart. The Words of Scripture. Encouraging. Deepening. Comforting. Convicting. Living.
3.) Parenthood. I loved this show so very much. I binged watched it on Netflix this past year. It is only one of a very few shows I would re-watch again.
4.) Bible Study. Studying the Bible is one of my favorite thing to do. I recently read one of the best books on Bible Study. Woman of the Word is an amazing book! She explains how to read the word with purpose, perspective, prayer, patience, and a process.

What is a motto you live by?
Abiding in Grace. It isn't just the title of my blog, it is the theme of my heart. I love John 15 and the image Jesus uses with the vine and branches. I desire my life to be connected to the Branch (Jesus). Learning how to abide in Him and His Word is my ultimate goal. Grace is something I can talk about, but I have such a hard time putting it into practice. I want to remember that Grace is the foundation for abiding.
What makes you feel beautiful inside and out?
I love it when my hair is cooperating. I'm one of those 'curly-haired' girls. Anyone with curly hair understands that you can't tame the beast. It either works for the day and looks fabulous, or it just doesn't. When its working, I just feel amazing!

What would your one piece of blogging advice be for our readers?
My one piece of advice would be to offer valuable content. I visit the blog who give me good content. If the words are written well and if the content is valuable to me. Along those same lines, don't worry about offering everything to everyone! You find your niche and stick with what you know. You won't have all the readers, but you will have your readers. Keep giving good content. Its not about the quantity -but the quality.

What was the most helpful advice you received about adoption?
God is still working. I remember thinking during the wait and even after we arrived home with our baby, it seemed God kept whispering to me those words: I'm still working. Even behind the scenes. Even when things don't go as planned or life is at a standstill - He is still working and it will be good. It will always be good.

What is your favorite book of the Bible, and why?
My favorite book is probably John. I took a class a long time ago on the Gospel of John. I've read through it so many times. I can't wait to put into practice new Bible Study methods and study this book in depth. So many good truths found there! One author wrote: "John is shallow enough for a baby to wade and deep enough for an elephant to swim."

Share below your favorite book of the Bible.

I can't wait to hear where God speaks to you the best!

As a wife, mother (of four), home-school momma, and writer, Sarah has found the secret to working for the Lord is resting in His grace. His faithfulness is the theme of her story. Sarah desires to encourage all women to seek after God through their own study of the Bible. In 2015, Sarah's life changed forever when they brought home their sweet China-girl. Through one of the hardest years, she learned how God gives courage, grace, and strength to the weak. God has become her daily satisfaction, providing honey from the rock - just for her. Psalm 81:16 - But he would feed you with the finest of the wheat, and with honey from the rock I would satisfy you. Discover how God can provide the daily grace you need over on her blog.... Abiding in Grace.

Now on to the link-up! 

Most Viewed

Last week the most viewed post was: 
by Holly at While I'm Waiting...

 Becky at BYBMG | Pinterest | Facebook | Instagram
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Christina at Waltzing In Beauty | Pinterest | Instagram
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Whitney at Polka Dotty Place | Pinterest | Facebook | Instagram  

We love connecting with you!
Have a happy Tuesday all!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Valentine's Day on Tuesday Talk

Have you started thinking about Valentine's Day yet?
If you're anything like me,
preparing for a holiday before the mood strikes is more of a chore.
Let us help get you in the mood!

We'll be celebrating Valentine's a little early on the blog.
Please join the lovely ladies of Tuesday Talk and me for a love themed blog hop on February 9th!
We will be sharing love stories, spouse interviews, relationship tips, Valentine's Day ideas, etc.
We want you to join us!

Mark your calendar and start thinking about your love.
Maybe while we're at it, we'll be inspired with some little way to show them how much they mean to us.

Speaking of showing how much someone means to you...
we are so grateful for all of you that join us each week for Tuesday Talk.
Starting this week, I will be sharing the most viewed post from the link-up the week before.
This way we can celebrate with the author and you might pick up on a great read you missed.

Last week the most viewed post was: 
Beth's post: DIY Headband Holder
Way to go Beth!

 Becky at BYBMG | Pinterest | Facebook | Instagram
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Whitney at Polka Dotty Place | Pinterest | Facebook | Instagram 

We love connecting with you!
Have a happy Tuesday all!




Monday, January 18, 2016

One Little Word

In the past, coming up with resolutions has always been a long process.
The problem wasn't making a list of things I wanted to change in the upcoming year; 
it was narrowing the focus to something obtainable.

A few years ago I was inspired by Anna to choose a word for the year. It has made a world of difference. 
Looking back, not only did the word focus me, but it became a defining factor in how I view that year in my life.

2014: Joy
B proposed and we set off on the joyful journey of preparing for our forever together.

2015: Gratitude
The outpouring of love from family and friends as we prepared for, professed, and lived out our vows 
left nothing but a grateful heart.

And this year?

My one little word for 2016 is:

Why serenity? That seems like an odd choice.

Those same thoughts came to my mind just as quickly as the word itself and the answer.

You can read more about my choice of the word serenity over at Abiding in Grace.


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Reader Resolution Roundup

Welcome back, dear friends!

With one work week under out belts, 
things are beginning to feel a little more routine around here now.
January is such a refreshing time, however, because the whole month is full of fresh starts.
It's hard to deny the optimism in the air.

Normally, my resolutions, or word of the year, take a little time to develop (maybe this is because I can't really get into them until Christmas season is behind me).
I was so impressed with how many of you were on the ball 
and sharing your words in last week's link up!

I love reading these posts.
The creativity and heart in them always shines through.
Crazily enough, not one of you that shared is repeating the same word!

Check out this great list of words to live by in 2016: 

Have you ever thought about choosing a word?
Want to read more words for the year?
Check out Sarah's One Little Word series.

one little word

I'll be joining her and sharing about my word, serenity, next week!
What's your word of the year?

Keep those resolution posts coming!
We love connecting with you!

 Becky at BYBMG | Pinterest | Facebook | Instagram
Stephanie at Wife Mommy Me | Pinterest | Facebook | Instagram
Christina at Waltzing In Beauty | Pinterest | Instagram
Michelle at Grammie Time | Pinterest | Instagram 
Whitney at Polka Dotty Place | Pinterest | Facebook | Instagram  

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