Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Summer Dreaming

With Memorial Day comes the unofficial beginning of summer.
I cannot help myself from concocting a long list of hopes and dreams for the season to hold. The start of summer and first snowfall are the prime time for daydreaming for me.
Here's what I'm dreaming about this summer:
Getting married


Drive-in movies

Zoo trips



Local Fairs and Festivals

Painting the house

Decorating the house

Cook outs


Game nights

Bonfires and S'mores

Ice cream runs

Walks through the neighborhood

Having an open house to welcome family and friends

Reading in the hammock



Bubbles and sidewalk chalk


Eating on the patio

Washing my car

Pedicures and sandals

Sun-dresses and ponytails

Driving with the windows down

Lemonade on a hot day

Pool days

Going dancing

Getting married ;)
Oh summer, boy do I have plans for you!
What are your summer dreams?
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Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

 Memorial Day is bittersweet.
We gather together celebrating the gift of life given by the dead.

As pictures of National Cemeteries fill the media, as they rightly should,
words escape me.
This year I looked and I found some to take the place of my own.
Lord Jesus Christ,
by your own three days in the tomb,
you hallowed the graves of all who believe in you
and so made the grave a sign of hope
that promises resurrection
even as it claims our mortal bodies.

Grant that our brothers and sisters may sleep in peace
until you awaken them to glory,
for you are the resurrection and the life.
Then they will see you face to face
and in your light will see light
and know the splendor of God,
for you live and reign forever and ever.


Silently in my heart I say a prayer of thanksgiving today.
I am going to hug my veteran a little tighter and longer.
I hope you share in that blessing.
And if today you are mourning,
thank you.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Disappearing Act

 I have been everywhere but here as of late.
As the final strings of wedding planning are tied up,
I plan to be a little more present,
not just on the blog,
but in my daily activities and relationships.
It is so easy to forget to enjoy the present 
with my mind so much on the beginning of our future together.

How did/do you do it ladies?

For today you can find me by hopping on over to dear Monica's
and view my first attempt at being a food blogger.

Monica and I circa 2006


Monday, May 18, 2015

For the Love of Names

File:Hello my name is sticker.svg
I love names.
Their origins, meanings, pronunciation, nicknames, etc. fascinate me.
I am the girl that figured out the most popular names on her wedding guest list.
They're James and Elizabeth, in case you wondered.
I have an ever ongoing list of favorite names that is constantly growing.
If we are blessed with children, I know my future spouse may tire of the topic quickly
for I know I will obsess over finding the perfect name for our child.
I especially love unique names and have to admit that I slightly bemoan the fact that some of my favorite names are prominently listed on the top 10 list.
I'm a trend-setter in an odd sort of way, I guess.
So when Emily sent me the link to Time's
I could not resist plugging in my name...and a whole lot of others...
Growing up I rarely ever met another Christina,
especially who spelled her name with a Ch and not a K.
So I was slightly surprised when it told me my name was 12th on the list for girls born the same year as I. I had no idea it would be so high on the list.
If my parents would have named me the 12th most popular girls name
in each decade I would be named:
Today: Sofia
2000's: Rachel
1990's: Michelle
1980's: Kelly
1970's: Lori
1960's: Kathy
1950's: Judith
1940's: Helen
1930's: Lois
1920's: Florence
1910's: Edna
1900's: Clara
1890's: Nellie
I think I could live with these names.
I must admit, however, Sofia is my favorite.
If you are a fellow name nerd, or just like random facts or quizzes, check this out.
It's a fun less than 5 minute break from your to do list.
What would you be named today?
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