Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday Talk: Cookie Swap Blog Hop Announcement

Happy Tuesday!
It happened over night.
Our Indian Summer has turned into Fall.
It's 54 degrees this morning and the temperature isn't expected to get above 60 at any point today.
The leaves were hanging on to their last bit of green yesterday and during my morning commute I noticed the bursts of golden yellows, bright oranges, and deep reds.
It is beautiful.
With the sudden arrival of the Autumn colors, I cannot help but be reminded that the holidays will arrive just as quickly, whether I am ready for them or not.
To celebrate, and help prepare everyone, the girls of Tuesday Talk and I are hosting a Cookie Swap Blog Hop on November 3rd. We are all thrilled to share some of our favorite cookie recipes with you! We also cannot wait to try out your favorites!
Time to pour over your cookbooks, or give grandma a call for her not-so-secret recipes!
While you're at it, keep linking up your favorite quick and easy recipes for my November's Feature post. I want to share yours!
Now on to the Link-up!
Your blog is being shared on our 13 blogs and we would love it if you would return the favor and link back to us (you can grab the button below)! Thanks so much!
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  1. You shared the cookie swap! Great way to tie it into your recipe features for November.


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