Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Blanket - Love Story Blog Hop

A blanket!
A blanket was the perfect gift.

It was always so cold in his apartment.
Each time I visited, I would come home with a new sweater, sweatshirt, or shirt that I had forgotten to return before I left.
After a few visits, I came with the added bonus of clean laundry.
It made perfect sense to give him something useful that also spoke to the joke between us.
  After consulting a close friend to confirm that brown zebra print was indeed neutral enough for an animal loving male, I left the store in triumph that I had navigated the treacheries of a first Christmas in a dating relationship just over a month old.

We were good friends first
and that friendship became so much more.
I wanted something that said,
I know you,
you know me,
this could be something special,
but we will wait and see.

A few years later and we were busy planning our wedding.
Incorporating our families through traditions to honor our roots was important to us.
Unfortunately, most of our ancestors left their traditions behind in the "old country."
So we were left researching some traditions we could make our own.

It wasn't just our immigrant ancestors that distanced themselves from their pasts.
My Cherokee heritage was something left behind in every way,
except for the knowledge of the Cherokee blood in our veins.
Blood of which we are very proud.

The most notable Cherokee wedding tradition found was one that involved a blanket.
At the end of the ceremony,
a blanket representing the family line was wrapped over the shoulders of the bride and groom.
Just as the one blanket enveloped them,
the bride and groom were united as one family.

In the end we did not use this tradition in our wedding ceremony
but it unintentionally showed up in our engagement photos.

Photos courtesy of Dustin & Corynn Wedding Photography.

This Christmas as we snuggled under that blanket from the very beginning,
I opened a gift from my husband
that on the surface may have seemed lackluster,
but contained the depth of what marriage truly is.

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  1. Christina, this is so sweet! I love how much meaning is behind this blanket for you guys. And I love those pictures of you two - so beautiful! You'll have to get pics of your new little one wrapped in this blanket ;) Jessica, Sweet Little Ones

  2. You're Cherokee? How did I never know this? On which side - and how far removed? This stuff fascinates me! I love how you incorporated the blanket tradition into your engagement photos - so wonderful!

  3. What a beautiful story! I love how you added it to your photos!

  4. This is so romantic. A fairy tale story with your heritage putting the icing on the cake.

  5. This was such a beautiful story! What are the chances that your first present to him was also something that tied you (and him) to your heritage. You two were truly meant to be! Thanks for sharing this, Christina! Saying hello from Tuesday Talk this week :)

  6. This is adorable!! And those pictures make me want to melt!! I like Jessica's idea of wrapping your baby in the blanket for a picture!


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