Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Catching Dreams

This weekend I attended Arbonne's Impact Training Tour. I hadn't given the title much of a thought, but whoa, there was an impact. There was ton of practical information, but in the end the thing that struck me the most was something my "feet on the ground" self wasn't expecting. I was in tears listening to a woman that at first glance came off as nothing special, but her words spoke volumes of her humble strength. She shared that she needed her business for her to be able to first dream for herself and then her family and then for others. This hit me hard and I was not exactly sure why at first.

The rest of the weekend presented opportunities in which I realized that I had been so blessed to have accomplished most of my dreams: going to my first choice college, working in my dream field, getting a MA, helping someone in their walk to faith, marrying the man of my dreams, and having a beautiful baby. I have done all those things. Sure they didn't happen the way I expected, but they happened and I learned a ton along the way.

My second realization was that somewhere through all those blessings, I had forgotten to continue dreaming. Yes, I had dreams. But I had drowned them in practicality and perfectionism. In some ways I had become complacent with life. I wanted dreams, but I still hung on to doubt and remaining in a safe zone and not sharing my dreams with anyone or believing they could be real. That needed to change.

The past few days I have allowed myself to dream and dream big. Here's the beginning...

We would love to have a big family. We will have to see what God has in store for us in this area. Prayerfully our little boy will have some siblings to play with some day.

I love having a little extra land for some breathing room between neighbors. We also would love more space for a larger garden, patio, chickens, and maybe a dog.

I already have a floor plan in mind. I'd love to be able to build our dream home on our country plot.

Visiting all 50 States and an European Tour are on the top of our travel list.

To be able to give abundantly without worry would be so uplifting.

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be able to imitate the authors of the books I was reading. Now that I'm older I think if I ever wrote a  book it would be more reflective than narrative.

What are your dreams?

Waltzing In Beauty

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